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Problem unistalling Visilogic OPLC IDE 9.8.96

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I have the problem that in the last version of Visilogic 9.8.96 the total size of the images is greater than the old one that I had (version 9.8.31) so now it says that exceeds the limit of my Samba 3.5

I tried to uninstall the new version and install the old one but somewhere in the process something went wrong and now each time that I try to uninstall it pops the next error, and now I cant uninstall the new version, if I try to run the installer of the old version, I can only choose Repair but when I run the repair everything in my computer crashes and even I can anymore open the Visilogic.

If I make again the Repair with the newest I could at least open again the Visilogic but still have the problem with the sizing.

Any idea what I can do?


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1. For install/uninstall use an original installation file you downloaded from Unitronics site.

2. After finishing installation file download you have to Unblock file in file properties.

3. Sometime Install/Uninstall going wrong.

It is not Unitronics software problem, but Windows problem, related to how InstallShield (3rd party) is interacting with Windows.

In this case please follow next article:

How to fix "Catastrophic Failure" when Install / Uninstall VisiLogic?


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