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Unable to Upload from PLC to Windows 7 PC - Vision 130

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I can successfully connect to a Vision 130 (older model with only the RJ11 connection.) using a Tripp-Lite KeySpan USB to Serial adapter within the VisiLogic software. I am trying to upload the project that resides on the PLC to an air-gapped Windows 7 machine, but I get the run-time error '6' message when the upload gets to the string library 1. Shortly after, when attempting to do anything else, I receive run-time error 429 "ActiveX component can't create object" and then VisiLogic closes unexpectedly.

I installed the program as administrator and set the compatibility settings to run the VisiLogic software as administrator. Do I need to have the PLC in a specific mode in order to "Upload" from the PLC? Originally it was in a "Run" status. So, I changed it to "Stop". Do I need it to be in OS mode or BOOT mode? Do I need to be using an older version of VisiLogic?

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No the PLC doesn't need to be in a specific mode in order to upload, Run mode or Stop mode either is fine.

If you know which version of Visilogic the program was originally written in you can try using it, however a newer Visilogic will upload a project written in an older version.

As for the run-time errors, I  haven't ever had that issue.   I'd suggest taking screen shots and sending and email to support@unitroincs.com.

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+1 to Joe's point.  Lots of info on this forum re serial converter issues.  I could not find anything about the chip in your unit.  But I did find this:

Note: Computer should have Administrator access to avoid potential installation issues when first installing drivers. When attempting to use most recent
driver with an existing USA-19HS unit, it is critical that the old drivers be uninstalled from the computer before downloading and installing the newer driver. Even though the old driver no longer works, the Device Manager will still attempt to use it.

This is very relevant and covered here, as serial drivers can attach to a system like toffee to a blanket:


However, before jumping completely off the cliff, I have had instances where comms settings don't convey properly from a program to the device, so match your speeds and other settings in Device Manager, to your connection settings in Visi.  In theory 57600 is your best starting point, but shift right back to 9600 if needed. 

cheers, Aus

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