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Status led lights solid red

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I have a unistream UIS-WCB2 module.

With it I read a TC and run a heating system in PID.

During commissioning the status led turn solid red and all the analog IN/OUT stop working, the sinking OUTs also stop working.

All the other digital IN/OUTs still working properly.

Find no information about the meaning of a solid red status led in the documentation.

Any help will be apreciate

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  • MVP 2022

Hi Brugola,   this does appear to be a case of missing info.  Others may already know the answer.  

@Cara Bereck Levy  could you perhaps please follow up on this.

Status LED  A triple color LED. Indications are as follows:
Color             LED State       Status
Green             On                     Operating normally
                           Slow blink     Boot  
                           Rapid blink  OS initialization
Green/Red  Slow blink    Configuration mismatch
Red          Slow blink     No IO exchange
                   Rapid blink    Communication error  

Orange        Rapid blink     OS Upgrade

This info copy paste is lifted from the UIS-WCB2-SPEC-1-16 pdf. 

cheers, Aus

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  • MVP 2022

Hi Brugola, my post is telling the makers of the PLC that there IS missing information.  I am confirming your post.   That is why I have highlighted in blue, "Slow blink" and "Rapid blink"....there is no "On".

Cara is the head of the information section, and faces many difficulties in keeping literature up to date.

cheers, Aus

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