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Moved to the Vision forum.

Yes, you can connect with USB. Obtain and install VisiLogic, install the USB driver from within VisiLogic, then you can connect with a mini-USB cable.

However, it is unlikely you'll be able to download the program to your PC. The program would have needed to be downloaded with the upload feature, but that is not the default.

Go to the pinned posts in this forum (Vision) to learn how to do all this and review the VisiLogic Help once you get it installed.

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The PLC must be turned on.  You can't upload or download anything otherwise.  

Don't import or export the PLC operands at this point - that's Unitronics' way of describing the actual numerical values in the memory.  You probably want to leave those alone.

To upload the actual PLC program to the PC you select "Upload".



However, as Flex said, if the original programmer did not enable this you won't be able to get the program.  You'll probably need to contact the original programmer to get this.


Joe T.

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Tnx for an explanation!

I was thinking that operands and program are the same thing...

I hope that programmer allowed this function,I will try next week we need this program for Scada


Is there any virtual unitronics plc for learning,testing or some cheap plc?...


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🙄 On Industrial automation world, the first resource should be ask to the Original Equipment Manufacuter.

99% of the time you won't have access to the source code. Unless specified by the customer, no vendor provides a project file you can edit.

And, assuming you have access to it, pretty much every single controls brand has proper documentation in the help file.

I am truly surprised how often this happens.





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