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  1. Hi, As I understand the page "bc.htm" is a page which you created and put it in SD card folder Web. In this case the link should be <a href="/Web/bc.htm&User=[sT20,ppppp]&Pass=[sT21,ppppp]">
  2. Hi Joe, Please send the project to support@unitronics.com and we will fix this problem.
  3. Hi, See FAQ link below "What are the steps communicate with the PLC via Ethernet?(PC to PLC)" http://www.unitronics.com/Content.aspx?page=FAQ#faq8
  4. Hi, Basically if you are using the function which receives SMS to vector then you need to configure in SI199 the Start of Vector address of MI. Of course it is recommneded to allocate length of 80 MIs in case you will receive a message with 160 characters long. You can find example in VisiLogic example Project examples\Communications\SMS\V570_Display_any_SMS.vlp
  5. Hi, A message containing only English characters may contain up to 160 characters. A message containing non-English characters may contain up to 70 characters.
  6. Hi, What is the condition you are using to activate the SD safely remove? Implement the condition for SD safely remove as apeared in the attached picture. If you still face the same problem try upgrading VisiLogic and the PLC system files to the latest.
  7. Ofir

    "Error 111 - Overflow"

    Hi, Which communication type are you using? (RS232,RS485, Ethernet etc..) Which UniOPC version are you using? Make sure you are using the latest UniOPC sever 2.0 Try to increase the time out in channel settings. Anyway if you still face the same problem then check the option to use MODBUS instead of OPC. This way you do not need to use UniOPC server. You just need to set all PLCs to be MODBUS slaves and change in InduSoft to use MODBUS.
  8. Hi tonto, You need to configure the V290 and the Scaime eNod3-C A/D loadcell device to the same baud rate. It is recommeded that the ID of the V290 will be 1 (In CANOPEN there is a priority to ID1) and you can configure ID 2 to the load cell device. In CANOPEN configuration you need to configure the other paramters of the loadcell device such as NMT, TPDO and RPDO in order to be able send/receive PDOs and also send NMT commands. If you are using VisiLogic 9.3.1 you can review two examples for CANOPEN in folder C:\Program Files\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Examples\Version 900\Project examples\Communications\CANopen Using NMT control commands you can set the device to stop, pre-operational, operational etc.. using NMT node guard you can check the device status.
  9. Ofir

    Runtime Error

    Hi, Turn off the UAC before installing UniOPC Server. You can find details how to turn off the UAC at:http://www.unitronics.com/data/uploads/VisiLogic_Software_New/Disable%20UAC%20Vista%20+%20WIN7.pdf
  10. Hi, Check the following: * Communication parameters. The default parameters are 9600,7,Even,1 If you did not change it then make sure to set these parameters in UniOPC Server channel settings. * Make sure selected PLC type M90/M91/Jazz * The PLC name you set in UniOPC server is the same name you set in in the syntax of the tag.
  11. Hi, The file names is ASCII string and you can keep it for example in Data table. Then you can copy from the Data table the file name to the indirect MI in Delete SD file.
  12. Hi, You can delete files from SD card using the Ladder utility "Delete SD file". You can find this utility in SD menu --> SD file Untilities.
  13. Hi, Is it possible that you remove the SD card while there is write in progress? Anyway before removing the SD card please use the function "SD safley remove". Make sure that you are using the latest versions of system files and SD card suite.
  14. Hi, Indeed you are right. When using the Root folder you can view up to 60 files using SD card explorer due to the 4 sub folders. As you mentioned also there is an option to view more than 60 files using the variable “Browse SD content”. The reason why there is no option to view more than 64 files/folders usin SD card explorer is due to the fact that the communication buffer for files table is limited to 512 bytes. (64 files/folder names * 8) 8 is the file name length.
  15. Hi, First of all FB Protocol is supported by all the Vision series controllers. If you are connecting the PLC to your device then you need to check the pin out (RX, TX and ground signals) and make sure that the cable you are using match the wiring. You can find the PLC pin out in help topic communication --> RS232
  16. Hi David, First make sure you are using the latest Visilogic version 9.3.1 You can find the Profibus Configuration block under COM menu. (Make sure the hardware is configured to V130 or V350). Attached is a very basic example which sends 1 PGN and receives 2 PGNs. J1939.vlp
  17. Hi, I checked your application and faced te same problem. I passed this issue to our R&D and will let you know when it will be fixed. Meantime please check the option to use MB2 (SMS scan) to recognize when SMS arrives.
  18. Hi, If you check the value in SI199 in online mode, does it contain the right value? Which OS version are you using? Please make sure you are using the latest OS.
  19. Hi, We are not familiar with such case. If there is an option to simulate this issue then please explain step by step. Another option is if we can access your PLC and see this problem on our PC, send the details to support@unitronics.com
  20. Hi Dime, You can turn on/off the back light using system bit 9.
  21. Hi, I have a SIM card with public static IP which after registration to the provider network I'm able to ping its IP, in other hand I have another SIM card which does not have public static IP and after registration I'm not able to ping the IP address. Anyway I belive that this relates to the provider setting. As you mentioned also ping is working on specific port which must be enabled by the provider. Indeed if the IP address is linked to MI, the IP made up from 4 consecutive MI's.
  22. Hi, First please note that GPRS and SMS cannot work at the same time. After using any GPRS functionality, you must activate the SMS CONFIG again to be able receive and send SMS messages. Another note is that you must also disable the SMS SCAN while using GPRS. Regarding the APN settings: This limitations related only to the provider of the SIM card. If you will have public static IP address then you will be able also to connect the PLC in listen mode. Also when you call from the PLC to the PC, if you do not wish to use port forwarding then your PC must have public static IP address.
  23. Hi, In C:\Program Files\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Data\HW Cfg\Elements List….you will find a file called ElementsList.ini Please enter the file and add V350-35-TU24 to V350 list.
  24. Hi, Try first to Close VisiLogic and delete the file Current_OPLC.udb from C:\Program Files\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Data\DB. Launch the application again. If you still get the same error then Reinstall Visilogic.
  25. Hi, Which UniOPC version are you using? Please make sure you are using the latest version UniOPC 1.3.8 How many PLCs are you using? Does the error occur randmly or you can point on a specific senario to simulate the error?
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