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  1. I have some simple C functions, but suddenly I noticed all code is gone and functions are displayed as empty. I was worried, did I accidentally delete some of it, but luckily I have older versions so I opened these and copied content into notepad. But when I reopened newer file (file where c functions were empty) all content was back. I even saved newer file before opening older file. So conclusion - C functions window displayed functions as empty, even when content actually did exists there.
  2. Thanks, I will try it out soon ... I still have some pages to (re)format.
  3. Currently it is too hard if you have to change multiple object colors on HMI. I had 20+ Numeric Box and Fixed Text objects on screen and customer says they want to change entire color scheme similar for their brand colors. I didn't find any easy way to automate things so it is 20 clicks and button presses for each element color and I didn't had only one page. Maybe Copy/Paste drop down for color elements on the Properties Window ??
  4. So , like this ?? // User code starts below this comment // User code ends above this comment static void Boolean(unsigned char A, volatile unsigned char* C) { // User code starts below this comment if(!A){ *C = 0; // false }else{ *C = 1; // true } // User code ends above this comment } // User code starts below this comment It does compile, just there is "char" in type name. So I assumed it has to be some sort character.
  5. Thanks for reply. I will keep both functions for now, but If I need more of those functions I will make unified array lengths, and add parameter with length. I did look into C code but I cant figure out what to do with "bit" variable type. It is "unsigned char" in C, but not in examples nor in documentation is mentioned what I should put into those variables for returning true and false.
  6. I have two identical functions, except "Function In" has different array lengths. Inside function I can easily determine array length with "Array Size", but understandably "Function In" doesn't accept different array lengths. Is it possible declare "Function In" so it will accept different length of arrays ?? I figured if I declare short arrays they will accepts calls with longer arrays. Question, Is entire array accessible from function or only smaller subset ?
  7. You are correct. I mixed up master and slave, I figured it after some time with examples. Most of modbus things do work for now. Thanks.
  8. When I checked my project I notice error on my RS485 CPU COM port it says "Both Slaves have been set to the same communication protocol. Slave1 may be set to TCP/IP, while Slave2 is set to RS485." Does it mean UniLogic RS485 can access only one slave device ?? So if I have more than one modbus slave I have to connect second slave through TCP/IP connection ?? What happens when I have 21 devices ?? I am really screwed if there are this kind of limitation.
  9. I installed UniLogic and filled form for activation, but no reply. So I started to think that activation key what is shown, looks similar to windows key. Probably it needs some sort of payment, But I cant figure out where and how I should pay. It says there is 5 days left until my trial period is over. I really hate those hidden fees.
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