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  1. Hi Elad S, I downloaded the latest software version 1.33.348 and it doesn't work. But I found that the PC application is sending Content-Type : application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n and PLC sends Content-Type : application/json\r\n. Unfortunately, the customer's server does not support the POST request with json Content type . Do you have an idea how to solve this? Well thank you. PLC send PC application send
  2. Hi NoamM, thank you for your response. I had the wrong DNS address. Ping works fine. I made my own webserver on my computer to see what the PLC sends me. (B4J software) It works on my web server but not on the company server. The company server returns an HTTP error. I suspect that the PLC sends the POST command in the same way as the GET command is sent. MetaData and URI as sent by the application are captured in the image. Method: POST, OriginalURI: /can_test2 And request is in table. But PLC sends: method: POST OriginalURI: /can_test2? Tester=fogonly&Barcode=ABCD table= NULL Do you have any idea how to feed POST function in PLC unitronics?
  3. Hello, has anyone done data loading using POST request? Using GET, according to the instructions, it works fine. For example GET request from https//api.weatherapi.com/v1/current.json it works fine. But now I need a POST command. It works with a computer OK. But My PLC US10-B10-T24 returns error 3 "No packed received". Can anyone tell me, where I am making a mistake?
  4. Hi Eturson, I tried Type E1212 earlier and it worked properly. My PLC was USP-156-B10. Do you have it set up like this? TestMOXA.pdf
  5. Hi, I have a program Visilogic version 9.8.90 . Windows-10 has blocked some files. Threats identified: Trojan: Win32 / Azden.B! Cl Files in quarantine: file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Main\VisiLogic.exe file: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\VisiLogic\VisiLogic.lnk Does anyone know if they are dangerous? Thanks
  6. Hi, After upgraded to version 1.28.34 try to upgrade CPU FPGA. There are changes in RTC in this version. UniLogic_Version_Changes.pdf RTC /GMT: UniStream now supports two clocks, Local Time and GMT. You can use these in Ladder elements, HMI Widgets, and set them via UniApps. A new parameter has been added to the RTC struct, Time Zone Existing Ladder functions Set PLC Time/Date now have a new parameter, Status. New System structs have been added, UTC Time and UTC Date We had this problem with the USC-P-B10 and now works OK.
  7. Hi, my comand is 3 x 32 bit, so bytes on copy = 12. Try service, class and instance enter in decad. values. I do not know what is being transferred correctly from the tag. Last zero is not a terminator? try sending 2 bytes. Attention- Rockwell can use the byte as 16-bit
  8. Hi Cam, you haven't tried through the EIP: General Explicit Message ? Bytes to copy is 3. It is OK? but be careful, hex numbers need to be entered for example #H32 for Service code. (decadic 50). #H96 for Class. (decadic 150). Notes You must create an Ethernet/IP Scanner node in order to enable Explicit messaging; you do not need to define any assemblies or I/Os, only the node is required. If you are implementing Explicit messaging alone, when the Scanner Initialization Status = 2, the connection is ready. However, if you are implementing both Implicit and Explicit types, Status = 4 allows both types to flow through the connection.
  9. Hi jpoulson, it cannot be a mistake that you have parity bit "none" in project and in documentation indicates "even" ? Best regards
  10. Ahoj Bence, posielam tagy pre EIP komunikáciu. Rýchlo napísané, podrobnosti iba pre port-0. Hi Bence, I send tags for EIP communication. Quickly typed, details only for port-0. Link for Inspiration.: Balluff_GlobalTags.xls BalluffStructs.xls
  11. Hello, Sorry everyone. For a lot of work I did not solve the I / O link EDS. Our company plans to use IO Link devices with PLCs Unitronics. Can you publish EDS file and the exact type of IO Link devices?
  12. Ahoj, What is XPORT? Can you show me how the scanner node is connected ? connect status= 2 ?( for explicit command).
  13. Hi everybody, The mystery is solved. The start /stop play buttons for audio mp3s can not be on the screen together with the video player. They must each be on their screen separately. Now it works OK.
  14. Thank you for your early response. Maybe I didn't describe my problem well enough. I just need play video and audio separately. The problem is that ,if I start part of the video and stop it, you can not start the audio player. Then I have to start the Video again and play it to the end. Only then does the audio player work.
  15. Hello, I'm using the USP-156-B10 with UniLogic version : 1.25.61. I have a problem with the MP3 player. I use the mpeg-4 video player and MP3 player on the screen. Start and stop buttons for play audiofile.mp3 via RCT Action. If I play video, simultaneous audio playback does not work. I accept, can't play 2 files at the same time from SD card. If I give a play video and then a stop video, the audio file will not be played. I have to give Play video and wait to be played to the end. Then audio file playing. Also, bit in TAG (System\Panel Events\Video Complete) is not setting on after pressing the video controls button StopVideo. Can you fix this error in the future? You could add the Audio Complete bit in (System\Panel Events\) also helps me. Thank you, Pista
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