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  1. Solved, I stored the DTI values to the PLC memory by unilogic software on DATA TABLE TAB
  2. After checking TABLE A I realised that the values I write into TABLE A are not retained into the program. I visualize the table online and all values are set to 0. Is there a specific way of saving constant values in a table?
  3. Partners, I'm having trouble moving information from one DATA TABLE to another with the same structure. The structure of my data table is as follow: Floor/number/day in/month in/year in/day out/month out/year out/hour in/time in/hour out/time out/money/quarter When a specific event happens, program calls a function that saves date and time (year in, month in, day in, hour in and minite in) in specific place of data table index A (this way I know where this event happened, becouse the first two columns on the table are the reference of the place) In table A the first to co
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