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  1. The CPU hosts a RS 485 port that you can use for communication. This port is available for use. You can set it up as a configuration in the process tree on the right hand side of the software. It does not require configuration function blocks such as VisiLogic would. I hope this helps to clarify.
  2. Hi Don, This does not check for this as it is a legal condition. if you are interested about one unique bit you can select (Ctrl+F) enter the bit or coil in question and confirm it is not present twice in the same routine shown in the results in the output window at the bottom of the software. Hope this helps
  3. Hi Stavros, It may help to ensure there are no power-up values assigned. Another key is to check to see if the RTC (real time clock) has been reset. If this is the case and it is resetting you may wish to contact Support@Unitronics.com for further assistance.
  4. Hi James, It is difficult to tell from the screenshot alone, if you were to provide the application to Support@unitronics.com, Our technical support would be happy to look into it for you. Mike
  5. Hi Luk, A counter counts rising-edge pulses. When the accumulated number of pulses equals the counter's preset value, power flows through the function and the counter bit turns ON. Once the preset value is reached, the counter bit stays ON until it is reset via a Reset Coil. This also initializes the counter value. It does not hold retentive values as a MI or ML would. This is why they are not listed to be used. Mike
  6. Hi Russ, There is no method of performing this action to date. There is no USB connection on the PLC The USB to serial converter is used to communicate from the software to the PLC and only operates well as there is a driver contained within the software. Therefore if the same concept were applied to saving to a USB like it were an SD card, this cannot be performed as the PLC does not have the driver or the capability to support the USB to serial converter on its own, nor does the USB have the ability to host software. This is why any information exchange uses a PC or other process/software driven operation other than standard flash memory like an SD card. This can be performed on the UniStream controllers using the USB ports. Hope this helps to clairify Mike
  7. Hi Steve, I have seen similar conditions in the past, This sounds to be a ground condition. Please ensure the TC is connected to ground at the signal source. Please ensure the furnace is connected to ground as well. In the past I have seen a similar condition with a TC in a motor case, after further examination there was a ground strap that was loose, causing the condition. It may be helpful to test with a different TC to confirm it is the field wiring and not the hardware. Thank you
  8. Hi Mk5s, The jumpers can only be checked visually. there are no system bits or operands to confirm the setting of the jumper. It is best to confirm with the instillation guide for that PLC
  9. Hi Dave, I have included links to the specification sheets for the SM43 units. These can be found in the Support section of the Unitronics webpage under "technical library" http://www.unitronics.com/docs/technical-library/specificationssm43.pdf?sfvrsn=0 (SM43-J-R20) http://www.unitronics.com/docs/technical-library/specificationssm43-jt20.pdf?sfvrsn=0(SM43-J-T20) Thanks
  10. Hi Flex, I do not think I have the ability to change specific settings, but from what i can find there is no reason you should be getting blocked from uploading an image. I have had no trouble so it is not a site condition. It seems to be specific, we will need to dig deeper to determine the condition.
  11. Hi Flex, If you want to post an image then you should navigate to the gallery and use the upload option in the gallery.
  12. Hi Flex, If posting an application to the forum you will want to use the navigation plane at the top of the forum that is labeled downloads. This will allow you to upload your file to be available for download by other users of the forum. This is what i do when i post a file. Thanks
  13. Hi Flex, You have 2 options, you can Download the previous version and use Version Swapper. https://unitronics.exavault.com/share/view/4lk6-5yavn87c You can also update the application the the newest version and use a UniDownloader file that has the firmware included(OS,BIN,Boot) http://www.unitronics.com/support/webinars/downloading-utilities Either method will be sucessfull. Mike
  14. This seems to be a unique condition. You should contact Unitronics Support or the OEM to proceed. Support@unitronics.com
  15. Forgive me the keys you want to press are the <i> and Esc key. Sorry for the initial error.
  16. I have seen a similar condition in the past related to the baud rate setting, Please confirm it is set at 57600. You will need to update the OS of the controller to resolve the condition. For this case you will be placing the controller in Bootstrap mode prior to the update. To perform this task hold down the <I>+<Right Arrow> keys and cycle power to the controller then release. You can confirm the controller is in boot mode by checking the connection through the communication and OS window found in the Connection drop down. You will then proceed with the process of updating the controller. When you reach the point that the OS installation wizard appears and you can select the “Advanced” Select this button and it will open a window for you to select the OS files manually. Select the browse button and then choose the file with the highest number and the most recent date. Then proceed with the download. Please let us know of your results.
  17. as I had a similar condition in the past. When the struct is placed directly on the rail this ensures it will run every scan. When it is changed during a send command it can be problematic. In the past I have seen this condition generate a flicker to 0 as, if the struct is collecting during a send some values may be written as 0. It is also a good idea to use this contact in the vector copy and compare as well. This had cleared the condition I had with similar symptoms in the past. Please let us know if this solution works well for you. Mike
  18. The Samba does not have a traditional expansion port for I/O, If you do have the need for additional I/O with this unit you can include the EX-RC1 module which can connect to our additional expansion I/O modules. You will use the device net cable (CANbus) to connect the 2 units. I hope this helps awnser your configuration question. Thank you Mike
  19. HI Rcerva, You have already defined a data arrived bit within the logic, You can use a positive transition of that element to drive an incrementer. Also generate another incrementer when it sends to another unit. These values can them be compared. What you will do is look to see that they are not equal, if not equal trigger or set a send bit or command, this will be used to drive the send operation, it is then incremented when the send is triggered. This will allow the unit to send only after it has received data from the previous unit, a cascading communication per say.
  20. Hi gallucinator, The controller sounds as if it has a blank application within it. You will see a new application on the PLC when it is downloaded to it. It may be helpful if you were to provide us (unitronics support) with the file you intend to use, either the .vlp application or the clone file generated on the SD card. I have linked some helpful information for the communication. As well as a brief tutorial of the connection and how to update the OS, this may also help as well. These links will directly address the communication condition you are defining. http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/user/7319-michael-p/ http://www.unitronics.com/support/webinars/communication-and-os Thanks Mike
  21. Thanks MS, I'm glad we were able to help! If you get anything further that gets you scratching your head, let us know. We will be happy to clear things up! Thank you for the positive feedback! Mike
  22. Hi Baskar, If you are using a HSC with reload you will not be able to directly manipulate the value of the counter. You can perform the same actions as you are: however you will need to sore the actual HSC into a buffer. You will need to account for the value that is retained within the HSC, You can store this into a new buffer and subtract to generate a home of 0. You can also trigger the reload event of the HSC. You can then add t he new counts (MI0 = Buffer MI = actual counts) It is because we cannot directly store into the HSC register that prohibits the operation you have shown. Please let us know of this helps. Thanks
  23. Hi James, Thank you for using our products, If you were to send an email to Support@Unitronics.com defining your condition and intention for the application our support staff would be happy to assist you with the condition. Thanks
  24. 390186, Can you try a lower baud rate, I have included a link to some troubleshooting tips to see if you can find a missing link. http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/files/file/33-troubleshoot-communication/
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