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New VisiLogic wont compile Samba program

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But I think what Zebioo is saying is that although the above detail says max 24, the previous Visi version in use didn't bring it up as a compile error, but the new one does.

Perhaps the restriction IS "artificial", but if that is what the makers have specified as the max, then that is what the programmer should implement.

cheers, Aus


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11 hours ago, ZebioEE said:

This dispays number limit is artificial and decrease Samba functionality.

There are a number of "artificial" limits in a Samba.  This is by design.  The Samba series was created as a response to OEM requests for a lower priced PLC.  Unitronics did this by removing the expansion I/O communication circuitry and removing memory.  

Unitronics' reasoning is that if the application  gets to a certain size then you need to step up to a regular Vision series.  If you were able to get 26 displays in then I'd say you found a bug in an older version that worked in your favor.

I do know from an inside source that implementing the new PCOM password security feature required programming acrobatics to fit additional code into memory that was already at capacity.  The programmers probably grabbed a block of memory that was previously allocated for displays, so they had to put the display count check rule in place.


Joe T. 

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As @Joe Tauser commented, number of displays will stay limited to 24.

For security reasons it is recommended to use last versions of software and firmware.

In this case it is better to re-design displays to have 24, not 26.

This will allow to use all new versions of software and firmware with security patches.



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