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USC-B10-B1 doesn't start Firmware update process.

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Hello, I'm trying to connect my PC to a USC-B10-B1 (PLC with no HMI integrated) via USB and the following message appears telling me to update the firmware of the PLC in order to connect to it.


Since this model doesn't come with a HMI i need to remotely update via a USB external storage device with an action file (.xml) that executes when pressing the CONFIRM button in the PLC 


However, when I plug in the USB device, the USB LED state in the PLC is still off, meaning the action file is not recognized. Pressing the CONFIRM button does nothing and there hasn't been created any log files in the USB when i plug it back into the PC to check. I have tried it with 2 USB devices and the result is the same. Both devices are 32GB of size and are formatted in FAT32.


I also tried using the Remote Firmware Update Tool, again via USB, and with the target drive being also the USB where the files are.


The downloading process starts normally but fails when it initiates the update.


This is where i get stuck and don't know what else to try. Any help would be highly appreciated.


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Can you try with a different USB stick?

I've already encountered problems when the stick had corrupted sectors. I see that you already mentioned that you've tried 2 different sticks, but if both of them of the same brand, then maybe it doesn't like it.


@NoamM, your assistance will be welcome (Maybe debug it, or get a verbose log)

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