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VisiLogic rotate problem

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Hello, Everybody,

Simple question: how to rotate text or images on HMI in visilogic? Recently updated to version v8.6.1, but neither in other versions nor in the new one I can't find a tool for rotation. Looked in HELP, there are written:

Rotate HMI Element"Select an HMI element, then click the Rotate icon rotate%20icon.gif on the HMI toolbar; the image rotates by 90°. Note that there must be sufficient space for the element to rotate." But there's no such icon on a HMI toolbar..

Can someone explain this to me? Thank you!

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Was this ever resolved for a V570ish controller. I understand that Unitronics wants to watermark their images but do they think that every straight section of pipe should be horizontal on the display. There are no verticle straight sections of pipe, backward elbows, etc.. Can't edit them either because of the watermark. Unitronics boasts about their large selection of images but they are not usable if you can't rotate them the way you need them.

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  • MVP 2023
10 hours ago, Jesse said:

Can't edit them either because of the watermark.

What I do is place the image on the HMI screen in VisiLogic, do a screen print to copy the screen, paste it into Paint, crop as needed, then rotate and save as .bmp. This eliminates the watermark. Make sure you have a pixel available in the upper left corner if you want a transparent image. This sounds a bit tedious, but once you've done it a few times it's quick and easy. You can quickly build your own library to use.

Also, be sure your HMI display is not expanded size before the screen print.

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