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Web Server functions

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I found this in the Support Q&A.....

"We have built some function like this, using the MI entry and a compare sto simulate a PW. We also use the a set of registers just for the web page, and if the PW is entered correctly, the really MIs will be sotred to the display MIs."

That's fine for displaying PLC values on the web page but I haven't tried bi-directional changes for when you want to alter a PLC value from the web page.

I tried the Advanced Web Server but using the password page caused it to be continually loaded each time I clicked a link to browse another page.

Any idea if there will be a password solution for either Web Server version?

(+100 views and no comments, I'm not sure "We're Listening " is the correct title) :rolleyes:

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NG is the Next Generation product. We have no idea when it will be released or exactly what features it will have- the Israelis are very good at being tight-lipped.

My reply was an honest one based on what I know. You'll have to figure out how to give your customers what they want based on product you can buy today. I've been known to set up the PLC as a Modbus server and hang a Weintek HMI off it to give USB datalogging capability and Web access. They are marketed in this country by Maple Systems and KEP. There are other manufacturers that do this as well.

I am a distributor and I know first hand about paying the bills. I've had my butt burned more than once by selling future product capabilities, so these days I stick with what I know I can deliver. You may have to abandon Unitronics if it doesn't meet your immediate needs.

Joe T.

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I am distributor of Unitronics too and I had to improve functionalities to Unitronics thanks to other products: Datalogging USB with Fuji Electric Hakko Electronics with the protocol of Unitronics. Advanced Web Server and UMTS modem with eWON modem router. I'd like the Next Generation of Unitronics will have these but I sold a lot of PLCs without them.

eWON have a good solution for "scada" web and it's very easy to read data from Unitronics with Modbus Protocol.

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Hi John :)

My bad--I'm generally the one that listens here--sorry!

The password functionality is not likely to be developed in the Built-in Webserver any time soon--there are not many requests for it. As far as the Advanced Webserver--I will look into it. I can't promise support, because it is an application developed by a third party, but I will try. I haven't heard of this issue before.

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On 31/7/2012 at 7:19 AM, Ofir said:

Hi John,

When using the advanced web Server once you have applied a password, the application will request this


password each time the user:




* Accesses a new page hosted in the PLC



* Enters or modifies data on a page

In order to avoid this please read pages 9 & 10 of the attached documnet.

Enhanced PLC WebServer.pdf

I have a web server project, with start.htm, entrance.htm and badpass.htm , If  I have a link to download  a file in start.htm but the server ask me for a password again , I put the password and user and then sendme to start.htm page other time, what is the right way to put the link . 

My link is :

<a target="_blank" href="\TRENDS\ESTADO.utr">

without password i can download my file rightly.


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