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Vision products development


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This question was asked by someone in a different forum and needs to be answered - I thought it might be more appropriate here.


With the advent of UniLogics, does that mean that software development has ended for the Vision products? Should we consider the possibility of a PLC simulator, online editing, upgrades to the VisiLogic software, and all the other requests and improvements suggested in this forum to be dead now?


If development hasn't been totally ended, I presume the list is now very much shorter. Can you provide that short list?

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While I can't shed any light on future development for VisiLogic and the like, I can share some news about the PLC Simulator.


The Unitronics Developer Store was launched to a limited number of countries on Monday and marks the release date of VirtualPLC!


If you would like to get your copy of VirtualPLC - please contact me directly either as a Private Message on this forum or at: support@virtualplc.co.nz


Also do checkout the VirtualPLC Facebook Page at: http://www.facebook.com/VirtualPLC

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I apologize for the time lag--but regarding development of existing products: 


The Vision line is here to stay.  Vision offers specific advantages and cost-effectiveness. 

Many of our customers are OEMs. We value them, we understand their specific needs--and we certainly know just how much how important continuity of products is to an OEM.


We will continue to add functionality to the Vision series. Many added features will be in response to customer’s request--but not exclusively.

Since Vision is a long-standing platform, we do see it as stable and very developed, so naturally, features will be added less frequently than they will for UniStream.


Regarding hardware,  note that we do intend to issue additional units for the Vision line. As mentioned, this line is bound to be with us for many more years. 

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