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equal divide of load

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Here is my new problem. One of my machine has a loading silo that holds 300lbs of material. It loads it into the next machine and when the scale reaches 0lb the machine goes to the next step. It works fine. We switched to a different material and I have to split the load to 2 or 3 equal portion. Basically I need to put an extra button (keypad) for the operator to enter 1 2 or 3. Can't realy use divide 100 or 150 because sometimes they only have 250lbs in it and they want to have equal load for equal quallity. How can I teach the machine to divide the original load 1 2 or 3 equal loads? I need to make sure that if the original load was 300lbs and I load 100lbs into the machine the next load will be 100lbs instead of dividing the remaining 200 into 3 loads again. I would greatly appreciate any input on this.

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I always draw a flowchart before I do logic like this that can have different outcomes, and then program from the flowchart.  Otherwise my head may explode.


As far as determining whether your particular idea will work, the best thing is to put it in your program and then use internal MI's and MB's to simulate actual inputs.  Hopefully you have a spare PLC to try different things out on.


Joe T.

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So I had a chance to test/play with a 1210 today and had most of the stuff figured out. Machine gets the load 300lbs and set a bit to store it. Divide by 2 or 3 (selected by keypad). Store divided value and show as desired weight. Load desired weight into the next machine showing actual weight. after loading a MB resets the actual weight to 0. All this works, but the actual weight. Since I am taking off weight from the scale my actual weight display shows decrement. How can I show increasing number when my scale number is decreasing? This reverse linearization beats me :)

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