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Print UniLogic project

Greg Smith

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We do not currently have an option to print the HMI or the ladder logic within UniLogic. I will pass this idea along to our R&D department so that they are aware of the interest.


Currently one solution to print the different project elements is to take screen shots of the project and print them individually. There are also options to export the global, local, and I/O tags as Excel files within the PLC ribbon which can then be printed.

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Was there any resolution on this?


I am trying to get HMI screens to my boss for firmware approval and the "print screen" option is not a solution.


Also, printing the ladder is a key debug step for most programmers.  Not including this option seems like a serious oversight.

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Found the print to PDF function in version 1.16 rev44, great at last I can now produce documentation. However the pdf of the ladder is one long page which is not great for printing. Some of the function block names are truncated so cant be identified. Would also like to be able to include the Tags in the pdf to save exporting separately.


An improvement but still some way to go to be able to produce decent documentation.

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Hi, the reason why we create a big page from each function is so it then can be printed in any kind of page (Not just A4, but A3, A0 and on industrial printers).

When you open the PDF and choose to print it, then you have an option to print it as "Poster" (at least, that's the name of the option in Acrobat reader. Other programs may name it differently).

So now, when you choose the printer and the page size, acrobat splits it to several pages (some of them are also on the horizontal axis, since the function logic might be too wide to fit a single page).


Printing HMI and Tags is on our To Do list (but not for the next version).

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Hi,  I had the same issue however, the poster option did correct this partially.  

When acrobat splits the page however it's cutting some of the ladder functions in half when it reaches a page break.

Is there a way to correct this? or at least select where the page breaks fall? 


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