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Testing code before deployment (hardware simulation)


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On 18.05.2016. at 6:48 PM, Flex727 said:

However, you do not need any I/O modules or other hardware. Just obtain the appropriate PLC, power with 12-24 volts, and connect with your PC or laptop. You can fully test with that setup.


I have connected V700 to PC with USB and Online test (F9) works fine. But how to change input contacts without connecting wires to the hardware input, for testing purpose?



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This is really a Visilogic question, but I can't move only one thread.

You can force an input on or off by first clicking on it while online.  The little status dialog box will pop up.  Right click on the dialog box and you'll get a small menu allowing you to force the input on and off, as well as cancelling the force.

Joe T.

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Forcing inputs on and off during Online Test can be a bit of a pain. I wish we could force inputs with a single left click just like Memory Bits. This is another good reason to buffer your I/O. If the input is buffered, then you can insert a test MB to turn the input buffer bit on and off easily.

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