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LCD Numeric Display Connectivity

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You need four outputs per digit, so four digits is 16 outputs.  You would use a NUM to Bits block to drive your coils.  Your display should have four sets of 1,2,4, and 8 inputs.

I've never used Num to BCD, and the Help is lacking a detailed example.  It probably re-arranges the bits so they work with BCD displays.  If it's important I'll load a PLC up and figure it out.

Joe T.

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Dear Joe


Thank you for your reply.

Looking into it that is what I finally figured out. Therefore it is not worth the cost to engage 16 outputs just to read the content of a single MI.

I will try and accomplish my task in a different way.


Thank you for your attention.



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I agree with go for serial.  The extra cost of a dedicated panel like Cam suggests is often a far cheaper and better system than all the stuffing around and extra outputs needed for driving things directly.  Been there, done that.   In the old days I actually had to make the array from individual digits!!  Aahhh..how I miss that....not!  These days, youngsters are so spoilt!



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