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USB stick (DOK) is not recognized by PLC


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I 'm attempting to upgrade the firmware in my 156-B10 . I have tried several different USB sticks. Some sticks showing power connection but the unit does not seem to recognize the connection, when I attempt a "Safely remove DOK"  I get a "DOK remove failed" message with . Any Ideas?

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As I recall, I ran into this problem and it turned out to be that in Unilogic Password Management a bunch of stuff was password protected (like UniApps Adminstrator but not UniApps Guest) and if you put in the wrong password for UniApps Adminstrator you were logged in as a guest (with no indication that you had entered the wrong password) and also with no privileges so that the USB DOK wasn't even seen when you tried to upgrade etc...

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So you guys are saying that the units were completely bricked?  No way possible to get them back?  It seems a bit astounding to me that a lower level recovery facility isn't available when 2 of our very experienced members have had such an easily done error.  Something for the creators to look at?



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