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Visilogic - Windows 10 software install issue.

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Hi There,

We are having a problem installing VisiLogic version  9_8_65.

The install begins as normal - it then pops up with the below error. 

"An installation support file could not be installed" 

"Catastrophic Failure" 

Please advise solution.


Thank you in advance.  

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Hi Aus,

Thanks for the link - I have tried all and still have the same problem - I can still locate the old Unitronics Visilogic_C file in add/remove programs from a previous installation attempt however can not remove it - the same catastrophic failure prompt appears. 

Any further advice or a remote session from unitronics admin would be most appreciated. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Guys,

I was able to resolve the issue - thinking, though i had uninstalled Visilogic through add remove applet, i thought i'd go a step further and run a scan with the below software.


This found many old folders, being the main cause of the issue - Once fully removed i was able to install the latest version, operating without issue.


Thanks again for your help!


Best regards,


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@Warrick Thanks a lot I couldn't get it to uninstall or install anymore, but the uninstall app you recommended saved me. Luckily I only have to deal with windows at my work. Long time linux user at home and never had any issues with installing or uninstalling. Just a simple command line and you get all the feedback you want when something would fail.  Windows is a real pain when it comes to this kind of issues.

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Thanks for posting this solution. 

Worked for me as well.  Every time I clicked on a Variable: Numeric Object on my HMI, Visilogic would seize up immediately.  Had to Ctrl-Alt-Del out of it.  When I tried to Modify/Repair/Remove Visilogic from the Windows 10 Workstation, the process would fail.  Used RevoUninstaller and it plucked Visilogic right out of the workstation.  Re-installation of Visilogic was successful.  Opened up the project and was able to click on Variable :  Number Objects without a problem. 

Finding this solution here saved me a ton of time.  Thank you.

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Hi folks,

quick thank you,

was having the same problem with legacy files corrupting installation after Visilogic fell over during a prolonged online test.  Revo tidied up permitting a reinstall of the  software and back to work.


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