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High Speed Output(Step Control)

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V350-35-TU24 is not a valid model number.  Is it possibly a V350-35-TA24?

If it is a -TA24, you'll want to use either output 0 or 1 in step control mode for the pulse inputs on your stepper.  Also note that this model is limited to a 500 Hz output, which  may not be fast enough for your application.

Joe T.

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19 hours ago, Heitor said:

I need help with of step motor. My machine use two step motors synchronized but in opposite directions.  Will  i get power two drivers in a HSO?

Needs little more info.

Which controller are you using and how are you commanding the drives? You can see in the help files possible configurations of high speed channels - https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareHelp/VisiLogic_Knowledgebase/PTO_Functions__Simple_Motion_Control.htm

What do you mean by synchronized motors, are you cutting circles or something similar? If you need interpolation there are no PTO functions for two axis movement, you'll have to write logic yourself.

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So, if I understand this, you have two axis linearly moving from one end to the other. You can use models TR34 or TRA22 and have two channels configured as " Pulse + Direction ", also look at the manual of your driver for steppers. I hope this is enough to get you started working on the details.

Check  out POT webinar on Unitronic's YouTube page, great stuff.

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