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Ladder View Initial Zoom


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This may seem trivial but is there a way to define the zoom setting in ladder editor so when you open it it starts at say 70% instead of 100%? I did not find anything in the Project-Options but was hoping it's somewhere else?

I have 18 "modules" that I need to open and close regularly and when I re-open it, boom Gigantic. 

Additionally, to the mods: How many posts do you need before your comments and posts need to be approved? 


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24 minutes ago, Joe Tauser said:

This feature has been asked for recently.

+1 on its handiness.

All posts need to be approved by a moderator until Cara decides you are worthy and mature enough to approve your own posts.

Joe T.

Hopefully it will come in the next release fingers crossed.

I understand, I was a Mod for a long time on a couple forums and usually we had a minimum # of approved posts to deter spam accounts. Seems like stuff around here gets approved pretty quickly so not really a big deal just wondering when my orange bar of shame would be lifted. 

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  • MVP 2023

We now have mods pretty much everywhere the sun is ON.  Perhaps even where it is ON or OFF for months.   As well, some mods often have irregular hours resolving some conundrum....and distract themselves from what they should be doing by checking the forum!!!  A sort of literal cup of coffee. 

Do the glass half full  bit....think of it more as the orange bar of knowledge!  😀

cheers,  Aus

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