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Initialize & Reset might fix weird things going on!

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Hi all, Init & Reset gets a mention often enough that I've done a pretty pic for people to see.

I'm also adding it to the "Ongoing List" as it is fairly important.

If you have done any sort of changes to your project, then always do an I & R after  you have rebooted the PLC for the first time.

Although in theory this shouldn't be necessary, I have often found it fixes strange things going on.  That new FB or Element/Operand re-arrangement that doesn't seem to work the way it should, and you've gone over heaps of times without luck?  Try an I&R before you give up and go and put your head in a bucket of water.......thankyou Marvin.  No promises, but it sometimes does the trick.

I think it is because the little men, women and gender-neutral people (this is a very PC forum!) running around in the plc are so dumb it takes a second whack at their heads to get all the new messages in properly and all the old ones out.  They get to a room with a few doors and have some conflicting instructions due to the hangover from the previous download binge, so they take the easy way out through the wrong door.





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  • MVP 2023

Reset is a soft boot (like ctrl-alt-del on a PC in the olden days). Initialize loads a zero into every operand.

I've never found Initialize & Reset to do much, however, loading a blank project often does wonders to correct all sorts of issues with the PLC. If your PLC is acting up, by all means try the Initialize & Reset routine, as it's quick and easy. But if the problem persists, load a blank project, THEN Initialize & Reset, then re-load your original project. That sequence has never failed me when it's anything other than an actual hardware failure.

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