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V350 add-on comm options

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Hey All,

I'm in the midst of upgrading an older V120 project to a V350.

The V120 has two installed serial ports;
I use Port 1 for programming
and Port 2 for RS485/MODBUS to an AB VFD

The V350 has one installed serial port along with a USB port.
The spec sheet says;
"Note that physically connecting a PC to the controller via USB suspends RS232/RS485 communications
via Port 1. When the PC is disconnected, RS232/RS485 resumes."

So, in essence this means I could use Port 1 for my RS485/MODBUS, and can plug into the USB if I need to program.
I guess the downside is that I would not be able to see the MODBUS data in debug.
So my inclination is to add in the second serial port.
But... at some point in the future I may want to add an ethernet card...

Question is, can I install both a second serial card and an ethernet card?



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I just put an ethernet card in a different V350 a couple days ago, had to dis-assemble down to the bottom (front) as it mounted underneath everything and ended up in the lower port hole, you break the little hole cover in half and put it in to fill the top hole.

I thought maybe the serial card somehow mounted above that,  but I don't know as I've never added a serial to a V350....

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