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Continuous increment button

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(As I clicked post, Flex answered with a pretty picture!)

It all depends on how it is currently set up to change the value.

For your need you would normally control the number through ladder work.  The button(s) would be linked to a timer that upon timeout through holding the button on, it adds/lessens the value in question in a controlled way,  eg increase of 1 per scan (very fast) or increase of 10 per second, etc etc.

Further to Flex's answer, it shows the myriad ways you can do things.  His method is a fixed time, I do it by having a number of timers that increase the rate the longer you hold the button.

cheers, Aus

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  • MVP 2023

I use two timer (0.5-1sec and 3-5sec)   powered by button contacts.

Increment block is operated by:

-|P|- for button -----> one increment, 

-| |- for button and -|P|- for SB3 (1sec pulse) and -| |- for timer 1 (0.5-1sec) ------> 1sec increment,

-| |- for button and -|P|- for SB7 (0.1sec pulse) and -| |- for timer 2 (3-5ec) --------> 0.1sec increment.

Than single tick, slow and fast increment with ajustable changover possible.

If use -|P|- and -|N|- for SB3 - increment time is 0.5sec.


If user need to change many values - this method is use only two timers for all increment-decrement operations.

User only must to operate this timers via needed buttons.


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