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IO Comm error on power up USP-104-B10 and email issue

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I am getting a "Uni-I/O Communication Error" when I power up this USP-104-B10 as shown in the picture. I have it connected to our network via ethernet and I can ping its IP as well as go online with it. So I find this message curious. 

In addition, when I try to email from this PLC, I get a -1 error code which is described in the help (I RTFM every once in awhile) as a "General COM Error. Please check the physical connections".  I have had this email working in the past and I am using the same settings. FYI - don't use a free gmail account. 

Any ideas?





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If the PLC program has I/O modules set up in the hardware configuration and you don't have those modules connected, this is normal. Just close the message and proceed as you wish. If you don't want the message to appear, either connect the module(s) or change the program to remove the I/O modules.

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1. Make sure the IO unit has it's own power connections for 24+ and 0v and they are in the correct locations

2. You can try to power off then disconnect and reconnect the IO unit from the bus, then reboot.

3. Update the IO unit firmware through UNI-Apps.

I run into this quite a bit, usually it's #3


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