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Wiring a 0-10V Pressure Transducer to a V200-18-E3XB Module


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Hello all,

I'm looking for help getting a value from a pressure transducer on the V200-18-E3XB snap in module.

It is a 0-10v sensor with 3 wires and a shield.

Sensor requires a 12 to 33 VDC supply.


I currently have

Red connected to a 24VDC supply

Black connected to ACM

White connected to T+ at AI 0

Drain connected to earth ground.

Jumpers are set to voltage

I'm  not able to get a raw value from the sensor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Sounds like you've got the sensor connected correctly.  

Did you put a meter between the white wire and the black wire to verify the sensor is putting voltage out?

Did you configure the hardware in your Visilogic program and map an MI to the analog input? 

If you have questions on the program post it so we can have a look.

Joe T.

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I think one of the things that you may have missed is that you have to separately power the analogue areas of the snap-in.  If you look at the An output terminals you'll find 0V and V2 which are shown in the module's literature on bottom of page 5.  It is very easy to miss this connection, thinking that you've already done the connection on V1 and that should be it, and very puzzling when nothing works as expected!  Indeed, said literature makes it hard by showing the power supply only connected to either V1 or V2, depending on what connection type you are viewing.



cheers, Aus



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Thanks for the suggestions!


So far I've double checked the hardware settings,  and they appear to be correct.

I have 0-10v selected on analog input 0.

I tried wiring both sensor wires to a separate power supply. (red sensor wire connected to 24VDC + and black sensor wire connected to 24VDC-) with the white wire still connected to T+ at AI0.

After doing so, the designated MI would sporadically bounce between 0 and 22.  When I unplugged the sensor from the cable while the cable was still wired, the MI would bounce between 0 and 33. I tried to change filter strength to see if that would level out, however there was no change.  Not seeing any change in value with a respective change in pressure at sensor.

Ausman, just to clarify. Are you saying that its important to have (V1 V0 ) and (V2 V0) powered simultaneously? I currently only have 24VDC to (V2 V0).

Also, I measured a voltage of about 0.4 VDC between white and black at roughly 25 psi (the most pressure I have available at the moment). If I did my math correctly, the power output seems to match the voltage scaling on the sensor. This is a 0-500 psi sensor, which should be about 0.02 V per PSI. that should place it at 0.5 V at 25 psi.  This was done while the sensor was connected directly to the power supply.


Thanks again!

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8 hours ago, wbarkley said:

Are you saying that its important to have (V1 V0 ) and (V2 V0) powered simultaneously?

I don't know if not having V1 powered whilst V2 is will upset the analogue readings......I've never done it. I've only ever had the "V1 only experience".   But the whole aim of the snap-in is to be powered properly and that means all connections active.   So my answer is yes.  Perhaps me saying "separately power" is confusing, so I adjust this to say "power all areas as shown by complete and careful reading of the manual".

What's the snap-in on?

Also ensure the snap-in is properly seated.  With power off, unclip it and start again, ensuring that nothing looks astray re pins etc.  On all snap-ins I use I place fabric sticky tape (gaffer tape) strips on areas of the seams to ensure they continue to hold together properly....they are easy to loosen.  Others here sometimes adapt in screws.  Whilst it's off again check that you have the jumpers correct at 3,4,5 on A

What does the direct voltage reading show when connected to the snap-in?

cheers, Aus

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