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Error in the project or VisiLogic bug?

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I've been working with Unitronics for a long time and that's a new one to me. If you've tried the usual stuff, like rebooting the computer, etc, you might want to email Unitronics Support (support@unitronics.com). Also, it would be helpful if you would provide us details, such as VisiLogic version, how long you've been working with this particular project, any recent edits to the project that could have caused this, and anything else you think might be pertinent. Do you have a previous version of this particular project (you should!)? Does this happen with other projects?

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Compiler errors


34       Vector length value must be grater than 1.


P.S. Do you try to compile some V570 example project? If error appear on both (example and your proect) - maybe Visilogic installation corrupted.

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