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Only on-off output with PID?

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 V700 with  V200-18-E3XB

Is it possible to have a PID only output at 0% or 100% and nothing in between? 

I am trying to do this to prevent a hardware component from chattering when it is not ran at 100%


I see in Visilogic function block software manual it says the following 


I have set the proportional band to 0 but i still notice that i am getting values in between 0 and 100 .

I've attached the project, any advice appreciated. 



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44 minutes ago, Action22 said:

Is it possible to have a PID only output at 0% or 100% and nothing in between? 

It is SLOW PWM output for PID.

Please use in FB's menu section PWM--> SCAN.

You can find in HELP how to operate PWM (0-1000 PID output=0-1000 PWM). Then your 0-100% PID output can operate ON-OFF controlled heater.

Duty Cycle for SLOW PWM must be set approx 2-40s ( for example Duty Cycle  in steps of 0.25ms  (400=1sec)) .

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By definition, Deadband Control is fully on or fully off.  There's no in-between, and you said in your initial post that you wanted to prevent hardware chattering.

That small of a fluctuation is really quite good for deadband control.  The range from deadband control can vary from +/- 1 degree to +/- 50 degrees depending on the thermal characteristics of the system.

You can't have it both ways.  If you want more accurate control  you'll need something that can utilize a PID loop properly and apply energy to the system in an analog fashion - somewhere between 0% and 100% with a one second or faster loop update.  This is what we use solid state relays for in a heating application.

Joe T.


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