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V1210 Touch screen works only in calibration mode and Online Remote Access

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We have Unitronics V1210 PLC.

The touch screen works only in calibration mode and bootstrap.


The touch screen works:

- when is pressed during power on. The system goes into bootstap mode.

- in calibration mode, enabled by changing SB74, SB73 in regarding of this manual https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/calibrate-vision-and-samba-hmi-touch-screen 

I see points to touch, I touch them and new position to touch is shown, so it is physicaly present.

- in  Online Remote Access by Univision software. I can hold mouse for few seconds and Info Menu is shown on the panel, but I can't click any position. The SI40 S41 registers with touch cordinates are changing.


Touch screen is not working

- when I upload an empty project only with hardware configuration. The x, y cordinates in SI40, SI41 registers are not changing. Always -1.


The touch screen works only in calibration mode (but enabled by changing registers, because I cannot run calibration by long touch; touch screen does not work) and during power-up. It goes into bootstrap mode. So the touch screen is present in hardware but accessible only in low level.


Please help.
Thank you in advance.
Kind Regards,
Michał Kapała



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  • MVP 2023

Hi, if panel is new - you can replace it under warranty.

If it is used - please try to download new firmware (9.8.65 for test).

Then please check mother board on both side for corrosion. Something like that - is not good.


If no corrosion present on both side  -= you must check touch screen for scratch inside front panel (you must remove display for check).


You can see on pic damaged border of touch screen inside. Then touch panel must be replaced.

If you have another PLC V1210 or V1040 - you can swap moterboard for test - touchscreen or motherboard problem appear.

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  • MVP 2023

Michal, just making sure that you have removed the protective film as well.

@Cara Bereck Levy   Is there a list somewhere that shows what Vision models (edit added)....have INFO mode that can be accessed correctly by Remote Access?  I'm confused by Michal saying access is possible on the 1210 involved here.  But another topic showed that it is not possible on a 570 or 700, whereas I regularly use it on 130s.

cheers, Aus

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