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Ignition for Parts Track Trace


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I am still learning + working on my first project with Unironics PLC. Ignition system is one of the major part of the project for track and trace of the final product. Does anyone worked before regarding this? Or have any idea please share with me.

Overview: After part quality test result will be rend to Ignition and once Ignition get all result it will send Acknowledge to PLC. Also, PLC will hold upto 100data incase connection lost case so, Ignition can recover all final result once it back online. 

Communication protocol: MODBUS

 Please help me out, your help would be appreciated. Thank You


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Hi Flex727

Yes, you're right. Ignition is platform for creating SCADA, Data base application, HMI and more.

I am using USC-X5-B1 model for this project. And MODBUS protocol is Ethernet or TCP/IP.

MODBUS connection is already setup under MODBUS>Slaves>Panel Ethernet for Coils and Registers. Ignition can read and write the values in Registers tags but not able to write value in Coil.

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Yes, I did same way. And here is the good news, I can turn on/off that coil from Ignition so, it solved. But not able to watch in my PLC that its actually turning on or not. I know that sounds complicated but I will explain in details with photos.

Picture 1 is showing my coil list. Picture 2 is Call function of another function where I keep all data. Picture 3 is actual function where I keep all data for Ignition.

After sending all data to Ignition, Ignition Acknowledge by turning on Coil 5 (Stn90_Leak_ResultRSP.Recorded). You can see that in Picture 2>Input O is 1 (I manually changed that from Ignition, not running actual/auto) That input is linked to in Picture3 Set bit but it is not red why? 

Do you have any idea about this? Is that because of I set as Scope: Input


Also, I was testing our project before sending to customer and in mean while I was testing my PLC faults out. The logic for the Ignition can be found in Module 2, 06_AOI_TrackTrace_Client_NOAC2

There is a tag called Process Steps.  When I manually enter 1000 into the tag it works fine.  When I enter 2000 or anything higher in the tag to test the sequence the PLC faults out.  I can’t find any information on the fault itself to resolve the issue. 

Also attaching file for your reference can you please help me? I am also happy to connect online on Teams or Zoom maybe!

UniLogic     1.33.236

 The PLC  is a USC-B5-B1  There is no HMI   being used – not even the virtual.

UID-0808THS      Digital mode  only, no high speed

UID-0808THS      Digital Mode Only, No High Speed

UID-0800N          Analog Input


Picture 1.PNG

Picture 2.PNG

Picture 3.PNG



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44 minutes ago, Akash said:

That input is linked to in Picture3 Set bit but it is not red why? 

You lose me here. I don't see any link between Input O and the Set Coil in Picture 3 and there is no power flow to the Set Coil (TraceDataRecorded). I haven't downloaded your program file as I need to know the UniLogic version it was saved with.

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IngitionComm is a FunctionIn Tag which is linked to IgnitionCommunition from the 02_Input Map.


The reason you can’t see the IgnitionComm changing state when in online mode during testing is a quirk in the UniLogic programming software.   FunctionIn, FunctionOut and Local tags are not monitored by default when you’re in online mode,  you need to turn on monitoring function for this UDFB/Subroutines that they are in, so you can see them when online.


To do so please do the following:


-In 01_Main Function right click on the 06_Ignition Call Func located in net 5

-Select Monitor “06_Ignition”

-Select the 06_Ignition subroutine from Module 1 by left clicking

                -In Net 5 right click on the 06_AOI_TraceTrace_Client_NOAC2 Call Func

                -Select Monitor “06_AOI_TraceTrace_Client_NOAC2”

I did check the logic and when the process value is 2012 and IgnitionComm(passed from Ignition Communction) is active TraceDataRecorded does Set, it's not visibly set as it resets almost instantly due to net three in 06_AOI_TrackTrace_Client_NOAC2.


One draw back is turning on monitoring apparently prevents you from editing Tag values in the subroutine your monitoring.  I did ask support about it and they are verifying if that's the intended functionality or not.

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