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UniLogic fails to connect USP-104-B10


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I am working on a Unitronics HMI/PLC that has not been fully programmed since new in 2014.  Someone has touched it before me.

I cannot establish comms with UniLogic via USB or Enet.  I have tried to do my homework.

Here are the facts:

  • I can boot to UniApps – after initialization and white screen I press top right touch screen
  • Trying to connect from Unilogic to PLC - USB and Ethernet fail to find any PLC
  • Panel IP is in UniApps -> network
  • CPU is configured for
  • I can connect just fine with VNC client to in UniApps -> network
  • CPU does not ping
  • Installed Unilogic as administrator
  • Device Mgr shows a com port number 6.
  • PLC force upgrade with DOK fails – The PLC upgrade files do not match or could not be found message….
  • Looking at the USB with UniApps -> memory ->SD browser shows all the files in a Unistream_Files folder.

I have a case into support but very unresponsive.

Thank you for any insight.

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  • MVP 2023

Please post software - hardware versions of this Panel and Unilogic version used for connection.

I think that you have an old version of the firmware and you should first try to update it to a previous, not the latest version via previos Unilogic.

As far as I understand (I may be wrong), the crypto-protection has been improved in the latest versions and this may cause incompatibility.



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 @kratmel is correct. A lot of changed since 2014. 1.9 is really old, and there are a lot of bugs that were fixed since then.

As far as I remember, In UniLogic /UniStream 1.29 we have changed and improved the security, login and authentication of the UniStream PLCs, and still preserving the compatibility for communicating with older PLC firmwares, so users will be able to upgrade them.

If you were able to communicate with the PLC using UniLogic 1.21.51 then that's great. 

I still advise you to upgrade your PLC and UniLogic to the latest version.... This is because a lot of performance that has been improved, both in UniLogic and UniStream PLC, and a lot of bugs that were fixed (in both), and also a lot of features that were added to both.


However, as much as I remember, you cannot directly upgrade the PLC from 1.9, or 1.21 to 1.33

Just contact support@unitronics.com and they will instruct you on how to upgrade to the latest version.

I will also forward this thread to the support team, so they will be informed about it, and they will contact you (if you haven't contact them already)

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Dear JD,

Since your OS version is old you need to upgrade the OS by 2 steps:

1.xx► 1.31.174

1.31.174► 1.33.348

I sent you  1.31.174 .rar file to your mail

  • Past the .rar file in the next path next to the existing Bin file:


then you get 2 bin option in unilogic►

So first upgrade to 1.31.174, after the update finished, format the SD again and upgrade to 1.33.260


Keep me posted.


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  • 10 months later...

I realize this is somewhat of an old topic but I'm just pulling one of our UniStream PLCs off the shelf for the first use in a long time.   I tried updating the firmware in two steps, from 1.28.39 to 1.31.122 and then to 1.36.44.  At no time have I been able to connect to the PLC from ethernet, directly connected to my PC.  If I monitor the traffic through the windows connection properties, data is being sent/received constantly but UniLogic will not find the PLC.  

My UniLogic version is 1.36.63, downloaded and installed today.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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  • MVP 2023

Contact Official Unitronics Support at support@unitronics.com. 

Since the Great Hack of 2023 all previous versions of UniLogic that did not have mandatory security measures have been removed from the Unitronics website and are only available by special request.  They should be able to get you the interim versions you need.

Joe T.

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