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V700+V200+EX-D16AS-TO16+4 pieces: IO-D18-RO4+IO-AO6X+2pieces:IO-LC3

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Remove the protective film from the screen.

The touch sensor seems to be triggered by dirt.

If there is no result, the touch screen of the PLC is damaged.


P.S. Sometimes, during installation in the door, the fasteners of the PLC are tightened too much and this causes deformation of the touch sensor. You can try to loosen the PLC mounting a little.

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Did you try pressing the yellow button in the upper right, labeled "ESC"?

In my projects I disable the INFO Mode screen, but some programmers don't. If an operator leaves their finger on the screen after touching a button or pointing at something, the PLC will go into INFO Mode, as you see there. Pressing ESC will return you to the program.

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