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  1. Hi, The answer is definitely yes. As both Jazz and V570 can perform as MODBUS RTU master or slave and both support RS485 you can establish MODBUS communication. Please note that for the Jazz you will have to use the add-on module JZ-RS4 (for RS485 port).
  2. Hi, According to my experience the signal quality range is from 1 to 31 (31 means best signal quality) and usually when the signal is below 11 we suggest to reposition the antenna. 18 should be good enough.
  3. Hi, I was able to download and open the applicaitons without any errors. Please try to download again (maybe the files were not downloaded completely) In case you still face the same issue, send a mail to support@unitronics.com and we will send it to you by mail.
  4. Hi Greg, In the latest version of UniLogic there is an option to reset the counter using a bit on the THS struct. If you wish to set a preset value then you can review the attached application which uses a virtual counter which is based on the THS counter. Virtual Preset HSC_070.ulpr
  5. Hi, This message apears when there is a permission issue. Please turn off the UAC and reinstall Univision Licensing. Also try to run Univision Licensing as administrator. (right click on the Univision Licensing and choose "Run As Administrator").
  6. Hi Michael, First of all note that if you will mouse over the parameters (A, B, C, D etc..) you will get a tooltip with the description of the specific parameter. A - input value B - X1 2007 C - Y1 0 D - X2 34835 E - Y2 1380 F - Result
  7. Hi Greg, First of all note that if you will mouse over the parameters (A, B, C, D etc..) you will get a tooltip with the description of the specific parameter. If you wish to perform math operation between different data types, you can find in the solution explorer --> Formulas You can prepare your own formula and combine signed integers and real numbers.
  8. Hi, If the structure of the data table contains the array you described then one of the columns is from type array INT x 15 Then using read row or write row you can read or write data to a specific row. Note that you need to create another struct using the data table struct in order to link it to the read row or write row. (This struct will contain the array where you can either fill with values or get the values from the Data table).
  9. Hi, There is no option to move the members in the struct. This request is on our list and hopefully in the future will be available.
  10. Hi, It is not in our immediate plans, but it is a strong possibility for the future.
  11. Hi, Currently there is no direct way to access the data tables memory. You can built your own protocol to read write data to data tables. You can create commands and messages with variables using message composer in UniLogic and then using TCP TX and TCP RX ladder elements you send and receive data. For example you can send the string Read_Row1 from your PC applicaiton and then when the UniStream recieves this message, it will activate read row for the requested index number and for specific tags and then will send the data back to the PC application.
  12. Hi, You can create a link to a file which is on the SD card. Then you can either download or open the file. In the advacned webserver example there is a link to download PDF file and UDT file.
  13. Hi, Using VisiLogic connection menu, you have the option "Export operands to File". You have the option also later to import the file back to the PLC. Another option is using Remote Access under tools menu you can select operand access and import or export operands to Excel.
  14. Ofir


    Hi Denis, In hardware configuration --> properties of the analog channel, you can already set the min/max values of the analog channel based on the scaling limits.
  15. Please review the below link which explains about DCOM configuration. http://www.opcactivex.com/Support/Tutorials/DCOM_Tutorial_-_Configuring_th/dcom_tutorial_-_configuring_th.html
  16. Hi, Using UniDownload Designer you can prepare a UDC file (Downloader file) that the customer will be able only to open using UniDownloader software tool and download the applicaiton without the option to view the source code. First you will need to prepare *.d90 file. (when download the application to a controller, select advanced in the download form and check the option "create download file") Then in U90Ladder --> Tools, select UniDownload designer and prepare the UDC file. Ask the customer to download UniDownloader from Unitronics website and send him the UDC file. After the customer will install UniDownloader, he will need only to double click on the UDC file and download it to the controller.
  17. Ofir


    Hi, Yes you are right, you will need to use the linearization included in the math toolbox in ladder and then show the result value on the HMI.
  18. Hi. Please send a mail to support@unitronics.com and we will check this issue deeply.
  19. Hi, In the future we will add the option to copy slave and have HMI variable that the user will be able to enter the slave ID/IP. Currently for each slave you configure in UniLogic, in its properties you can find a parameter "Active" - you can link a bit to this parameter and then you can disable/enable a specific slave. You can also set "Active" bit for each one of the MODBUS commands.
  20. Hi, At the bottom window, select the tab "Event Log" and check the log after the upload process. Let me know if there is an error or the process was completed without any errors.
  21. Hi, The option shown in the properties window is for data tables which its columns configured as "part of project" - Data Tables columns which are marked as part of project are downloaded to the Flash memory and cannot be written by the Enhanced Vision. (V130/V350/V560/V570/V1040/V1210) If you wish to write to a data table, do not mark its columns as part of project. The colums which are not configured as "part of project" located in the RAM and you can write to the data table in ladder code. If you wish to download the data table value after downloading the project - Open the data table window and select the option "read/write tables". Then select the required table and click write table - note that this action will overwrite the values exisitng in data table RAM.
  22. Hi, You can find two CANopen examples in VisiLogic examples. Open Help menu --> Examples --> Project Examples --> Communications--> CANopen
  23. Hi Gabriel, Please send us a mail to support@unitronics.com and I will send you examples for MODBUS over UDP.
  24. Hi Gabriel, Are you using UDP or TCP connection? As you have only three slaves, you can use TCP connection. In the masster set three sockets as TCP master (Each socket will have its own MODBUS Config) and connect to the slaves. In this configuration each slave is independent and if you will lose connection with one slave there will not be any delay with the others.
  25. Hi, Please read in document "Enhanced PLC WebServer.PDF" pages 9 & 10. These pages explain how to use links and submit buttons when using password.
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