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Where are the online users?


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Edit....I've just found this under Online Users in the page headings.  Was like a typo, missed it repeatedly despite repeated looking!  But you do have to actually click it to see the users, rather than being available all the time.

Hi all,

just wondering if I'm missing a location on the new site.  The old one had a list of current visitors down the bottom.  I can't find this on the new.  Was there a conscious decision to drop it, or is it just an error?  It was convenient if one wanted to discuss s/t quickly via PMs.



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I just saw this ^.  My follow preferences seem to be intact however as I am receiving notices about new posts but I don't seem to be notified when a moderator replies to a topic I'm following.


For example:



I only got notified about Matt's posts, I never saw a notification for Joe's response.(figure I wouldn't be notified about my own answer)

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