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V1210 dropping date/time on power cycle

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HI all

As I had already ordered a replacement unit I thought I'd wait for that to arrive before following up with support team.

It seems that in one hit I've resolved both the date/time reset issue and the other thread on peripeheral devices not registering.

I simply unboxed the new V1210, (did a quick date/time on power cycle test) then loaded my software and it ran first time.

Power cycle doesnt touch the clock!

All sorted  - thatnks for all of your input folks



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  • MVP 2023

Good news - the solution is found:D.
For the future I advise you to make a detailed description of all the actions done on this object.

Make a photo of the nameplate. And even if it's possible (no warranty limitations)

to make high-quality photo boards inside the device (new and old defective),

as well as photo ( screenshot versions of programs and firmware versions.
Let's hope that the problems will not be repeated.
I always document such cases (my favorite way - to write or print on paper?). It is very helpful in the future.

cheers, kratmel

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I have a V350 with a very similar problem. The clock is resetting to 1/1/2006 on power up even when the MI's are not being lost. This PLC did loose its program due to a power loss/surge even though the battery was fine. Then I reloaded it with a new program and it is fine except for the clock resting issue.

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