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EDS Import Ethernet IP


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On 3/5/2020 at 7:38 AM, Saragani said:

Yes, it was already implemented and would be available on the next release of UniLogic.

When will be this version available for download? I need urgently import a lot of EDS for Ethernet/IP,   in some projects we have more than 10 IO-Link switches from different producers... 😞

PS: will be possible get beta version, or send me struct EDS for P&F IO-Link switches in atachment at the least ?  Thank you for help


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Greetings from Colombia

I have already inserted the .ESD file intro Unilogic, in "Scanner" from "Ethernet/IP". So that the values are ok., according fabricant says


I'm not sure about selecting boxes. 
But Adapter can't works with IOLinkScanner1_Inputs, because or O2T assembly value is differente, or Output size is differente or shows any warning or failure message. 

Option1: Selecction most similar option:

Option 2, creating own tags: 


In both Cases, I'm not sure about which one use, and how to set O2T and T2O parameters according the scanner. And also, how to test communication, with ladderHow can I checked? With a Coil and a direct contact. 

I'll be waiting for your answers.

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13 hours ago, Leon_Colombia said:

I'll be waiting for your answers.

@Leon_Colombia - If you're in a bind and need answers quickly then send this request to official Unitronics support - support@unitronics.com.  This forum is manned by volunteers that may or may not be able to help on specific questions and we get to it when we can.

Joe T.

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