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Hi to All.

I  have V700  project configurated for Modbus IP 



I try to make connection whith PLC from KepServerEX 6.6


I try to read MI5   (40006),  but when I running the QC in the OPC  the tag quality is" BAD" and the value is "unavailable".


I am not  sure, if  configuration correct  from both sides.

Can anybody  help.


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Thanks for reply. But  i dont  understand  where  i have change configuration?  



Is it  not already  configurated ?   Or I have to open socket 2  in SOCK INIT module?   

And other  qustions:   what means in KepServer, number  after IP    (<>0)  ?   And  where  i can find it  in  my PLC  program?



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@Cara Bereck Levy Can you have someone look at the demo programs for the V700 MODBUS TCP/IP as in the demo Socket 2 is showing as Default  TCP 502 Modbus slave,


while in the help file the defaults are:

Default Socket Settings

The V700 default settings are listed below:

Socket 0- TCP_Slave Port: 20256

Socket 1- TCP_Slave Port: 20257

Socket 2- TCP_Slave Port: 20258

Socket 3- TCP_Slave Port: 20259

Socket 4- TCP_Slave Port: 20260

Socket 5- TCP_Slave Port: 20261

Socket 6- TCP_Slave Port: 20262

Socket 7- TCP_Slave Port: 20263

So when looking at the demo project it appears that you don't need to configure socket 2 as it's port 502 by default(believe its due to the version the demo was written in V8.0.1)  but I can see how this would be confusing for new users.

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1 hour ago, Yuri7811 said:

problem was fixed by changing Socket 2  to 502 in setting  touch panel (not in a  program)

The Socket will revert to Port 20258 when the PLC is power cycled or Reset. Add the Socket 2 Initialization block to your program to prevent that.

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On 5/5/2019 at 3:54 AM, Yuri7811 said:

Can you explain how i can read  output bit  O25 ( adress i have put in Kepware ?)

Output coils start at address 4000h (16384 decimal). Or you can assign an MB to the Output coils and read those instead.

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