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Question for our members: HMI Controller

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Hello from Unitronics headquarters :)
Many of you probably know that Unitronics invented the OPLC: the Operating Panel + Programmable Logic Controller - which today, we call the PLC + HMI, or All-in-One controller.  

Recently, I've noticed that there seems to be a shift in terminology--the HMI controller.

Is this, in your experience, the more common term in use today?

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  • MVP 2023

In my opinion, the HMI controller term slightly reduces the concept of the OPLC.
Now on the market, there are controllers (named HMI controller) that exclusively show on the big screen what PLC is doing now, however, they have nothing to do with the concept All in one.
I would use the term OPLC to explain students the difference between the classic HMI connected to PLC  and the concept All-in-One.

For me Virtual HMI controller is sutable for new Unitronics product (Unistream without real HMI). 

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