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New PLC startup

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Call me crazy, but here is my procedure for starting up a brand new Vision PLC:

1) Install Ethernet card (if applicable)
2) Install battery
3) Power up PLC & calibrate touchscreen
4) Connect with USB
5) Set RTC
6) Download a blank program
7) Initialize & Reset
8 ) Download program
9) Install SD card (if applicable)
10) Go online with PLC and check Ethernet, battery, & SD (SB 141, SB 8, SB 217)

This procedure is especially important if you are shipping the PLC with the program pre-installed or are not the person doing the physical PLC installation.

Overkill? Am I forgetting anything?

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15 minutes ago, Ausman said:

8). What type of download?

The type of download will depend on the circumstance and preference. Download All & Burn is a great option if the PLC will not be easily available to you when it is in service.

15 minutes ago, Ausman said:

10).  SB 168 powerup as 1

This is part of the program and is a separate issue. This thread is about what to do with a completed program and new PLC hardware.

48 minutes ago, Flex727 said:

6) Download a blank program

This seems to solve a number of glitch-type problems that can develop with Unitronics PLCs. It looks to me like (but this is just supposition) that downloading a blank program does something more than just a regular program download. It seems to clean up problems with the image storage memory and other issues. I would certainly like to hear from someone knowledgeable from Unitronics if this is actually the case. Regardless, it's always a good cleanup to perform before the PLC is placed into service.

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I would add the following points:
1.1 Set the type of input signals PNP, NPN or ANALOG MODE (if input present or installed);
1.2 Set the mode of operation for ANALOG inputs (if confiured in p.1.1)
1.3 Setup communication RS232/RS485 or(and)  CAN card and determine their mode of operation and termination.

1.4 Make foto for all components that is not in original factory configuration and foto of PLC and IO nameplate.

11 Setup NEW password for program or (and) info mode if needed (type this passwords in project with comment).

12. Fix on paper SN of panel and IO module, passwords, date of testing and programming, name of downloaded project...... ect.

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1 hour ago, Gabriel Franco said:

Update firmware before first program download

I usually let VisiLogic tell me when a firmware update is necessary and ignore it otherwise, especially since it is a very time-consuming procedure that has risks. I never update software or firmware version on an installed PLC that is otherwise functioning.

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Hi Flex727,

1. It is recommended to adjust firmware to used VisiLogic version.

VisiLogic inform you only if it detect that VisiLogic have newest than PLC firmware.

It is possible, that you use one of previous VisiLogic versions, but new (replacement) PLC have newest firmware.

It is recommended to keep the same firmware at all used with the same VisiLogic version PLCs.

After adjusting firmware, continue with empty program.

2. VisiLogic should work with local copy of project (on PC hard disk) .

*VisiLogic save project copy on periodic manner to restore project after abnormal program termination, and in other cases.

Later you can save project version at any other media - disk on key (not recommended as main backup), on network drive, on NAS/SAS, by use VCS (version control sustem).

*VCS do not know about PLC program structure, so it should save all project.

3. Always keep copy of all used images to be possible restore required one, if need.

4. Always keep number of backup copies. Not only one.

Hope more recommendations will be added .

Lets collect all and save it as Article in  Unitronics Help Center.



When you look for solutions, please visit and search not only in Forum topics, but in Unitronics Help Center Articles too.



There are many available articles.

If you have solution to share, tell us know and we will add it to Articles.



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