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Vision 1210 default ip on power cycle

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I have a V1210 which defaults to ip address on power cycle. The project settings ip is and the ip in the card init block is I've tried downloading using serial connection to make the parameters stick, but nothing seems to work. Anyone have ideas?



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We need to see your program in order to offer any help. At the very least we'll need to see a screen capture of the relevant ladder rung with the Ethernet Card Initialization FB and with it opened up to see the details.

FYI - the project settings in VisiLogic have no effect on the PLC.

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  • MVP 2023

+1 to both Cam & Flex's suggestions, especially Flex's FYI.  IP setting is not obvious at first in Help...you might be thinking as Flex says.  Use the Search tab in Help to find TCP\IP: Socket Init and other mentions. These will steer you in the right direction to having the socket set in your program.

cheers, Aus

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It is not recommended to use power-up IP configuration (without Ladder configuration). It may be wrong for many reasons.

Preferred to set configuration from Ladder. This will warrant right configuration.

By the way, in PLC Tools & Applications there is support for DHCP for Enhanced Vision  controllers.




When you look for solutions, please visit and search not only in Forum topics, but in Unitronics Help Center Articles too.
There are many available articles.
If you have solution to share, tell us know and we will add it to Articles.



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