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I Need To Say This, A Must Read

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3 years ago I knew nothing about PLC's.  Because of people like @Ausman, @Flex727, @Joe Tauser and others on this forum, we converted 8 machines from old relay logic to PLC's  with automation,  made 2 pieces of complex laboratory test equipment for the lab, and entire tank farm controls that include, levels, filling, heating/cooling, mixing etc.  I could have never done it with their help.  I don't know if they're paid or not, but I will tell you they are priceless.  I hope that @Cara Bereck Levy will show this to the powers at be so they understand the caliber of people they have in this forum.

It burns me, me when people are rude or "expect" someone to write their programs without giving it any effort first. Be polite, give it your best effort and people here will jump in to help you.

This concludes my diatribe.

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And thanks from me, too.  Suggesting things to you in both the forum and messaging has always been a pleasure.

The one thing the forum shows anyone is that you learn something new every day.  Or perhaps that could read "you should  learn something new every day!"  Just to keep the brain active.

Lastly, yes....Joe's knowledge is diverse and he is truly the bees knees.      And for those who haven't been there yet, go here to understand that and also have a good laugh about us Aussies.    http://www.wanowandthen.com/slang.html   

cheers, Aus

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Yes -  Joe & Flex have both helped me in the past, and I should do better in acknowledging them with follow -ups here.   I'm trying to learn PLC programming on  simultaneously on 3 different platforms, but Unitronics has certainly been the easiest; and I've been able to apply concepts learned here into machines from other mfg.   

thanks guys !  


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On 5/14/2020 at 5:35 PM, viscoelastic said:

I was trying to remember Joe's name as I was writing. WITHOUT A DOUBT @Joe Tauser! Although he has a grumpy look in his avatar, I hope that we bring a smile to his face  :) 

I think that most long-time forum members know that I write the Help for the software. I was a newbie at technical writing when I joined Unitronics. I also knew nothing, zilch, about controllers, had no tech background except for whatever I remembered from high school physics.
 @Joe Tauser contacted me regarding one of the first iterations of the VisiLogic Help.  (this was more years ago than I care to admit to :rolleyes:.)

Joe asked questions--I had to find out the answers and put them in the Help. In addition to improving the Help, I learned a lot about the field. He pointed out errors--including spelling and such, which was great, because I am the only native English speaker at Unitronics R&D, and have never had anyone to edit my writing.

Joe is not the only one who has contributed in this way--but just has he has the greatest forum cred, so was the size of his contribution in raising the quality of our documentation.

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