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Good morning all,

I'm a super newbie about VisiLogic. I bought a Samba  SM70J and I'm trying to develop my small application to dialog with a pump.

I draw a frame and inside of it I put a button and a numeric variable with the keypad showen when I press it.

The thing is that inside the frame when I try to click on the button or the numeric variable, it's the frame itself that take the hit and not the others, even if I press "send to back".

any advice?


thanks a lot



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Hi, thanks for your reply.

Here is what I'm trying to achive:



The green square is a frame, while the numers in black are  a numeric variable with a keypad associated.

Basically I need to touch the frame, so that the rounded icon in the top left corner may appear, but I need to be able to touch also the number to show the keypad to set it. But even if the frame is set to back ground I m not able to touche the number. If I move the number outsite the frame then everything works fine.




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  • MVP 2023

I tried this out an loaded it into a V350, assigning a touch property to the frame as cesare did.


I got the same result - the frame always wins if it has a Touch bit assigned to it.  The numeric value can not be edited.

Then I tried a simple rectangle with the Touch bit.  Same result.

So it looks like you'll have to come up with another way to arrange your objects - layers do not seem to exist.

Can we have some input from the Creators?

Joe T. 



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Hi Joe,

thanks for your reply.

At the moment what I did as workaroud is to remove the touch from the frame as Flex727 suggested. Then I remove the title, simple setting it blank from the frame and I add a text with the same title with the touch on. So at least I can select the whole frame touching the title, and only the title. In this case then the keypad is triggered and I can set my number.

Now I'm facing another problem, once I set my number it changes the background color, I suppose is the color that used once is selected the object. But I dont see where I can change it, I'd like to use the same backgroud color.  See the pict below:



Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciated it


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  • MVP 2023
40 minutes ago, sgull said:

I think if you select project in the top left corner of VISILOGIC.

Then select properties.

Under the Colors tab, I think it might be "marking view color" that you change to the same background color.

I believe this changes the default for newly created HMI screens. To change the "marking view" color for an element already present on the screen (or rather for screens already in existence - it's an individual HMI screen property, not an element property), you must right click on the HMI screen in question (in a blank location) in the project and change the property there. I haven't tested this, but if it IS the "marking view" that you're seeing, then this should fix it after downloading the project to the PLC. I have used the "marking view" for other purposes but never thought this is also what we're seeing on the screen after entering data for a numeric element - please let us know.

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just a quick update: following the good advice of Flex727,sgull and katmel   I managed to fix the problem of the backgroud color thanks.

I should have open a new thread for that problem, anyway the main one is still open, even if with the workaround I fix it. Let's see if the  Creators come back to us with an answer.


thanks a lot again to everyone




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