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"Store DTI to file" problems on 29.111


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Hi All,

I just update one of my project, that is working perfectly, from version 1.26.90 to 1.29.111...and I saw that the ladder function Store DTI to File need more time referred at the previously version...to be clear I let 1 as F parameters (all file type)...with version 1.26.90 I think that the storage of the file needed much less of 1 seconds for each DTI....with version 1.29.111 I think 4-5 seconds are needed!

I tried to clean the SD...then all the files are generated by the same version...but is the same.

I also saw that some .sig file are added...but if the file name has a special characters like "&" the .sig file creation fail and avery time that I tried to save the file the "SD store failure counter" increase....I removed the "&" and all works fine.

what can be?

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We noticed that too. 
we could only save about 55,000 records (~ 4 days of 1-minute averages ) before it would time out (> 60 seconds).  
We ended up changing it to only save the UDTF file.    Now it’s been running all month and is about 200,000 records and takes < 10 seconds.  

If we want /need the data we’ll use the UDTF to Excel utility.  

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Hi Flex,

customer asked for new features then I thought that can be the case to take a look at the new release.
I am testing this in the PLC that I am using as emulator.
At the start up of the program I upload/create 9 DTI as system configuration...then only when the "initialization" is completed I let the program run...with version 1.26 need very few time..with version 1.29, more or less, 30 seconds.

Also, as I wrote, i found that not all .sig files was created...then I removed the "&" from the file name and the .sig was present.

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The observed delay is due to the fact that DTI file is now digitally  signed.

Starting from next UniLogic version (1.31), the "Store DTI to file" will include a new input controlling whether or not the file should be signed, which will give you a way to suppress that delay.

Have a good day!

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