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Greetings Uni People!

Okay, I'm trying to design a screen in a new V1210 project, my first time with an HMI bigger than a 570, and I discover to my dismay that I can't zoom in on the screen (cntrl-I does not work.)

Now, this is a big issue for me. I don't have a 50" monitor and my eyes aren't what they used to be 10 years ago. To get things aligned on the screen "just right", I really NEED to be able to zoom in on parts of the screen.

Am I missing something? I checked the menus, but no options there I could find.

If zooming has been left out of large HMIs for Visilogic 930, I think it really needs to be put in.



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HI Cara,

It looks like your response is steering in the direction of zooming out rather than zooming in. In the case I was dealing with, the customer didn't want to zoom out so he can see all the screen. He wants to be able to zoom in on a smaller area so he can see in more detail. So it would probably require a combination of zoom and scroll, or the ability to select a window of the display and zoom in to it.

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What lines are you talking about?  If it's drawn lines, don't trust your eyes to determine if they're straight.   You can go into the Properties for each line and set the Height or Width to 0 to straighten them out.

Joe T.



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