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Another session of unilogic


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I don't know about being able to have multiple instances of Unistream, have never tried. 

However, one thing I do when working with my laptop of limited screen size where multiple instances of Vision is more trouble than it is worth, is to cross check/copy ladderwork via a print in pdf.  You can then skip around as needed on the screen much easier, or even physically print particular pages when beneficial.

cheers, Aus

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Well, I confirm it does not work with UniLogic and it is probably not going to happen.

One thing you can do is: under tools, you choose "analyse project", then "export to excel" and you'll have a good overview of the 2  projects.

Ausman suggestion about print to PDF might be more relevant as what we mostly need is usually to look at ladder logic.

Note: if you use a subversion software to manage your project versions, and you pay attention to commit each version with detailled comments, you'll also have a good overview of the project history

Have a good day!



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