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Problem with Remote Operator Windows 10


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Hello! There was a problem with the program, everything was fine earlier. The problem is related to the fact that saved projects are not opened and a new project is not saved. The Windows 10 Pro version is 22H2, Remote operator v. 1.0.78. I tried switching the use of NET 3.5 to NET 4.8 as described here:
The solution didn't work. Since that time, there have been more options to solve this problem?
Remote Access also cannot load the project by issuing the error:
"Run-time error'5':
Invalid procedure call or argument"
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Problem may be a result of Windows Update.

Update may change access rights to directories you use.

Please contact your IT to solve this problem.

*To prove this, open Notepad, enter any text and attempt to save file where you wish to save Remote Access files.

If Windows show error - your IT have to enable write rights to this directory.



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Updates have not been installed for a long time, I tried to save them in different places. At the same time, the file is created. Now I checked on another computer, the saved project opens with the correct settings.  But when saving, an error occurs and the saved project does not open, but still writes "untitled" in the header. Other projects also do not open.

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  • MVP 2023

Have you checked the security settings of the relevant folders to ensure you still have full rights?

On 7/18/2023 at 4:30 PM, vlader said:

I also started remote operator on behalf of the administrator

This is not the same as installing as admin, that's why Joe has mentioned it.  See here, and ensure all equivalent steps are done, given you are working with Remote Op instead of Visi.  The error messages do sound like it hasn't been installed as admin.



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