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warning on profile pic?


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John, the warning sign is saying that the mind is too busy and a brain error is occurring. 

Old retired guys have less RAM available due to so much already in use, and the various inputs can create an overload much quicker than usual.

cheers, Aus

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On 10/30/2023 at 2:35 PM, John_R said:

Yeah, it's not there in those places (the side of my post or the drop-down when you hover over).

Just at the top right of my screen where it shows notifications and messages...


And I'm on the forum almost every day...

Hi John!
I checked to see if somehow a complaint had been made or a warning applied to you content (of course there wasn't)
I will keep checking--if you gain any insight to it, please let me know 🙂


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I did a goggles what the sign might be and apparently the red symbol means that you have posted something marked NSFW.  I did a little search for the supposed cure but couldn't find it......

  "You can go into User Settings --> Profile and turn NSFW off and the sign will go away. "

Regardless, my thinking is that one of your attachments has an incorrect flag on it that triggered an automatic thing from Invision.  In your retirement spare time you could perhaps go through some of your recent posts and (temporarily) delete some attachments and see if it cures it.  Even if it doesn't help, it will have kept thems old fingers busy and provided some tremendous enjoyment moving the mouse around whilst cursing intermittently! 

cheers, Aus

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I understand what you are saying, but don't know what I may have posted to trigger a NSFW?

I know I am a sarcastic old fart, but that goes without saying when you are in your mid-60"s. 😇

And Cara says she doesn't see anything that should trigger that.

And if the Uni-Goddess Cara doesn't see it then what?? 🤔

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