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  1. It’s using up all it’s retries on the offline device. The polling interval needs to be (at least) timeout time in mS multiplied by the number of retries.
  2. How does the UIS-8TC module handle Cold Junction Compensation for example on a type J thermocouple?
  3. IF you use AVAST antivirus THEN try activating “silent mode” (disable firewall if premium version). Remember the micro USB port on Unistream is an “internal USB to Ethernet chip”. Comms are ethernet and subject to firewalls.
  4. Checksum driven; THANK YOU for a quick and concise answer. That should work nicely. I stumbled through the process of fetching a file from PC (Filezilla) to SD via FTP Client on UniStream. I would suggest adding “checksum difference” to FTP help section. “If the files are different” is slightly ambiguitous. My assumption was “filename differences”, if it is indeed a checksum based update then files with the same name could be overwriten. POWERFUL feature, LOVE IT.
  5. @Saragani Message composer worked nicely. Now on to FTP client with dynamic filenames. How much can to tell me about the FTP COMPARE? What defines that the file is different for overwrite? File name? File size? Meta data? I found in help section. No clear definition of what "file is different" means. Assuming filename. Any more context clarity you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I want to develop my application to it's FULLEST potential. Clean, lean, and mean. Please and Thank You
  6. Now to construct a way to make the “/Media/Docs/“ and “.pdf” static and the “pdfFileName” dynamic all in one variable string. I only want to indirectly reference the actual filename portion. Below is what I have so far as a "reference by filename only" indirect path string builder. Is there a better way?
  7. Dan Logee suggested using “/Media/Docs/V1210.pdf” UPDATE: THE ABOVE SYNTAX WORKS ON SD CARD! MUST HAVE /Media/Docs/yourDocHere.pdf
  8. Has anyone had success with the new "indirect, External SD, path via tag feature? This functionality is pivotal to one of my upcoming projects. I am not having any luck getting it to work with SD card installed in Unistream (\Docs\example.pdf) . If I put sample file in root directory of DOK (USB flash drive) it will open file from filename in tag no issues. I have not tried root directory on SD card. Project direct puts them in "docs" folder. Help file show syntax when file is in subfolders however I have no success. Help, please and thank you.
  9. USB com to PC does override local com port, however the packet your scope is showing would indicate port is under MODBUS control. 1 stop bit is more common. Dude, your data presentation is totally awesome. "A problem well defined is a problem half solved". Vision is sending "datagram" out, high probability your VFD is not recognizing message to send an answer back. I take it polarity swap did nothing?
  10. I believe USB is converted to Ethernet inside the Unistream. Your firewall could be blocking it. I use Avast and have to put it in "silent mode" or add an exception for USB to Unistream to work.
  11. An oscilloscope across the data pair can be helpful in determining if anything is happening on the pair. I may be the odd man out on having a scope on hand, that said if you have access to one don't refrain from using it as a troubleshooting tool. The wire swap idea is worth a try. It is my understanding that "A" and "B" don't necessarily have a universal congruency to + and -
  12. Integrate audio into MP4 video player. Between VLC media player and Audacity (both free, open source, trusted media editors) you could merge MP3 into MP4, then video plays in sync with desired audio. Unistream is not an audio mixer, audio files have to play one at a time. I suspect a Video player launch would override sound player file "in progress". I recent spent a lot of time trying to perfect video and RTSP streaming widget on a USP156-B10. Support can give you specifics on CODECS, max frame rates, bit rates, etc. That's a dance they had with my recently.
  13. Ahh... if Joe T. can do it I so can I. Not saying it's because I'm smarter.... Just relentless and tenacious. Once I get my head around something, look out, it's like I'm running with scissors. lol plus there’s alway the “ask Joe” option if I get stuck.
  14. Thanks for sharing Joe!! Perhaps I am resisting the change to UDFB’s.... but if it works then it works. If you call it “easy” then I’m sold.
  15. Rog: If you have any specific questions in the future everyone on the forum will help if/when they can. As has been reminded to us recently: this forum is mainly comprised of users and is NOT the official Unitronics support channel (although some support team staff are members and answer). If it is an urgent issue call/email support and post here. It usually evening/weekends when I cruise the forums. Some of the gurus frequent late at night. The not calling subroutine has got me more than once in Visilogic and UniLogic, I'm finally learning if bits/integers are unresponsive to check for calling first (before panic mode, lol). The seminar was worth my trip for the "control+enter" to CR a text line. That one had stumped me for some time, I was creating second and third text boxes for extra lines of text. Granted that was probably in the help somewhere. Another thing I've learned is to scour the help section for info. Visilogic help is excellent and UniLogic help is "filling out" as time progresses. Hotwires
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