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  1. Utilized this, is helpful. However for Visilogic veterans transitioning to unilogic a help page with examples is always a welcomed sight.
  2. i'd be happy with Uni to Vision. My last project used Vision slaves and a Unistream master. Uni to Uni would be a given. I don't expect Uni to third party. the vision R/W mixed was Vision only (no third party). I can't emphasize enough how incredibly valauble the MODBUS R/W mixed I/O is! Cuts airtime in half on RF data modems.
  3. Is there any chance of the periodic modbus seeing a retry parameter? In water treatment SCADA the data exchange is (in my region of the US) via RF data transcievers where outside RF interference can occasionally impede a successful MODBUS data handshake. In the the Vision line retries were an available parameter in the MODBUS config block. I will also take the opportunity to again petition the development team to offer the MODBUS mixed R/W data feature available in the enhanced vision series. That is an awesome feature that sets Unitronics apart from it's competitors!
  4. The integrated VisiLogic help library is excellent. It has never left me questioning after a good read through.
  5. OK, wow. Would never have guessed that. Not relevant to any applications of mine. We will reach a time when the UTC will exceed the number 32 bits can express. I'm not going to calculate when that will be, to late at night for that. Made me think of the IPv4 to IPv6 scheme. Thanks for the swift and concise reply.
  6. sent files and version to support. I hope this isn't just something I'm doing wrong. Regardless I'll be happy to see resolve. Thanks.
  7. What are the "UTC to Date Time" and "Date Time to UTC" function blocks for? Could not locate reference in the textual help. I know RTC= Real time Clock and guess UTC is universal coordinated time? What sparked this question is that I was wanting to have a data tag that would show the date in MM/DD/YYYY for display in an HMI element to use as a "counter reset last on date mm/dd/yyyy" . The RTC date stuct parses out the elements of the date as a whole, so I'm guessing I would have to piece it together with logical functions? Just wondered if there was an easier way (I'm always looking for those). Thanks -hw
  8. Update. Setting up two lines on actions: set bit pressed, reset bit released works exactly as desired. Thank you Saragani!
  9. Still no success with trends displaying on a running basis. Watched videos and read the help twice, spinning my wheels.
  10. Cara, I have the data samplers established, have FIFO trends on HMI, I seem the have all the parameters set. Having two issues: It only seems to display one curve at a time. Other issue is the curve stays at zero even when the sampled variable is 90 (scale 0 to 100). I read thru the help before posting last night. See example below. Trying to create it's parallel is UniLogic.
  11. Dear Community, How do I see two (or three) trend curves at the same time as seen in Visilogic? Thanks All! Sincerely, Hotwires
  12. Ok, did not realize the two opposing forces could work together as a "bit true for duration of touch". Will give that a try. thanks
  13. Dear Community, How does one link an HMI element to a bit in a manner where the bit is only true for the duration that the HMI element is held to touch? In visilogic I used the HMI link to bit and then linked that bit to a TON timer. To reset an hour meter numeric element the operator would press and hold the HMI element for 5 seconds, the timer would go true, a PTC contact would trigger a RESET NUMERIC coil; then Happy, happy, happy. Now not so much. Is this achievable in UniL? Actions seem to be latch oriented. Thanks All. Sincerely, Hotwires
  14. Dear Community: How does one make a bit load an HMI screen? UPDATE: Found it, ACTIONS will link a bit to a LOAD HMI.
  15. sounds like a "FOR...NEXT " loop. I'll check out the example. PBASIC is the only programming language I ever learned. Can make a Basic stamp do some awesome stuff, lol. Not sure that I could learn C+ at my age. Maybe my kids can master it and help me out.