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  1. hi ,may you help me? for this error


    1. NahumS


      Hello Meysam,

      This not an error, this is only a mode and currently it's on STOP mode which means that it's not running any application if there is any. Try download an application to it, that suppose to solve this issue.

  2. An ohmmeter with an RS232 port would be the most logical approach in my mind. VOM talks ASCII to V570 via serial port then comparisons/decisions could drive outputs/actions.
  3. hotwires

    Protocol scan telegram RS232 ASCII

    By filter the float values you mean extract for use elsewhere (separate from the rest of the telegram)? I have done something similar but on a smaller scale using find in substring and remove from string FB's. It would be a more complex construct for what you're doing, doable none the less. I agree with NahumS, need to see it in context, give an example of the extracted floats? A table, CSV, loaded into an array?
  4. hotwires

    RS485 modbus monitor/snooper

    The only reason I caught it so fast it that I've done it myself a few times. Only other advice most of the forum guru's would give is to break up the three lines in rung 1 into individual nets. I'm sure it works fine as coded but in some cases line stacking in a single rung (net) can give unexpected results. Something to do with the compiler, not sure... I'm loosely re quoting others. Glad you got it working to your satisfaction.
  5. hotwires

    RJ45 to wifi

    As long as the wireless side of the bridge connects the ethernet side doesn’t know (or care) what it is connected to. In theory it should work with any ethernet enabled device using the standard TCP/IP protocol. I use Ubiquiti wireless networking devices for PtP and PtMP links. Almost all of their devices can be configured in bridge mode (WLAN:LAN).
  6. hotwires

    RS485 modbus monitor/snooper

    I recently setup two Unistream 5” pro to receive serial ASCII strings from two Ohaus scales, eventually got it working as desired. You are correct on the lack of help file content on the SERIAL Com RX function. I have kindly suggested content be added for that function. In rung two, the second object from left, top branch, tag “ComRx”; is that supoosed to be a coil or a contact? The (P) is a coil. This seems out of context. Try -|P|- positive transition contact. These two are close together on shortcut bar and ambigitouis sometimes. See if that helps and please advise. The way it stands now as a coil it would pass thru a true every scan that “logging” is true. Happy coding Sir. Hotwires
  7. hotwires

    Unilogic ASCII string to REAL conversion

    UPDATE: FOR REFERENCE.... I took the time to see how a Vision V430 handles ACSII to INTEGER conversions: Visilogic will convert ASCII strings with: -leading zeros -leading spaces -trailing spaces -trailing letters It will not accept: -leading non numeric characters Unilogic will only convert strings with: -leading zeros *Leading and trailing non numeric characters must be removed before conversion.
  8. When you’re all out of fuses but have plenty of ammo. Photo credit to Paul on the facebook “Emergency Lights and Sirens Enthusiasts” group.
  9. Doesn't Visilogic support dynamic Slave ID? I was thinking I had a test program setup (once upon a time) where I could use entry keypad to set MODBUS slave ID, may have had to PTC the configure block in conjunction with new ID assignment. I recall it all working as expected. Everyone gets tired of hearing this from me (I'm quite sure), but here it goes again: "Why can't UniLogic have all the features of Visilogic and have all the new features of UniLogic"? A good share of Unistream sales (SURELY) is to Samba/Vision users who are upgrading hardware or at minimum very accustomed to Visilogic and it's feature set. It was a suprise to me as I slowly discovered the missing features. I know, I know... I want to have my cake and eat it to. Doesn't stop me from wishing
  10. @NoamM Was the VNC connections counter bug ever fixed?
  11. It’s not “pre coded”. Fairly simple to construct however. Link display element ( touch feild) to a memory bit (MB1), in ladder use NO contact to drive timer coil, second net: use a PTC (positive transistional contact) to drive a reset integer function —[R]— MB1 T1 ——| |————————( )—— T1 C1 (or T) —-|P|————————[R]—— alternatively I believe timer can "self one shot" but would repeat cyclically if button was held longer than usual: MB1 T1 T1 ——| |———|/|———( )—— T1 C1 (or T) —--| |————————[R]——
  12. hotwires

    Happy New Year 2019

    Thanks for the help everyone Has given me in my "head scratching" moments. I try to pay it forward when I can. Here's to 2019 and the many successes Unitronics solutions will give us. I've had some bumps in the road but the support from @Joe Tauser, Unitronics US, Unitronics Israel, and this forum has been amazing (and free). Kudos to all.
  13. hotwires

    Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New Year to Aus and the rest!!
  14. Unistream panels have VNC client/server capability that would be the "perfect" solution to your requirements. back to Vision, the MODBUS mixed R/W FB may simplify ladder for data exchange amongst PLC's. Otherwise you have to do MODBUS READ and WRITE commands separately.
  15. hotwires

    COM ports..

    If you have an example of code and Unilogic software version, I could try to help. I have a Unistream 15.6" with 01RSC talking MODBUS to an RS-232 radio modem in a SCADA system. I wrote the code and it all works fine. Curious as to what is preventing setup from working for you.