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Gerard, you first need a copy of Visilogic, get it here:


Once installed properly you can then consult the Help file and find Downloading/Uploading a Project under Getting Started.  This details all the things needed to establish a connection...pay particular attention to the bits relevant to your type of plc, under "Enhanced Vision" and the "ERROR" bullet relating to using the inbuilt USB port.  "Error" is a bit of a misnomer.

Finally, although the installer is meant to do this itself, run the .exe above by right click the file and choose run as administrator.   Once installed, navigate to the Visilogic.exe file within Unitronics Visilogic_C/Main folder in Program Files and right click/Properties/Compatibility tab/ Tick Run this program as Administrator (it it isn't already ticked....it should be)

cheers, Aus

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If used V570 include Mini-USB port - you can use USB to Mini-USB standard cable.

*You have to install USB driver before you use USB connection.

Do it from Connection->Communication & OS->right-most tab.

Click "Install USB Driver" than "Open Device Manager" to find COM Port number to use in VisiLogic.

Then connect mini-USB cable to PLC and to PC.


Or you can use USB-to-Serial converter P/N MJ10-22-CS35, and RS232-CB1 set, supplied by Unitronics and distributors.

*USB-to-Serial converter P/N MJ10-22-CS35 include all required RS232 lines. It use Prolific chip.

 RS232-CB1 set include  MJ10-22-CS25 DB9 to phone 6p6c socket adapter and cross-crimped 4 wires phone cable.

Then you can communicate to PPLC.

Hope this information helps.



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Hi all,

I got the problem while trying to connect the V570-57-T40b to my laptop.  The PLC doesn't have mini-USB port as described. Instead, it has a USB type B port. I use the standard USB-A/ USB-B cable to make connection between laptop and PLC but it seem not established.  I had installed the driver as instruction but when I checked  Device Manage, there are no Port & Comm appearance.
My laptop use Win-10 64 bit and installed Visilogic 9.8.96.

Thanks for your help.

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1. Open Device Manager and write/out/remember what is a COM port number assigned to connected V570 PLC.

2. Disconnect USB-A/USB-B cable from PLC.

3. Close VisiLogic.

4. In Device Manager go to "Menu->View" and select "Show hidden devices".

5. Right-click on installed driver and select "Uninstall device". In my case it is COM 5.


6. After finishing uninstall, run VisiLogic as Administrator.

7. Open Communication Settings and change to last tab with USV icon.

8. Follow steps.

9. Connect USB-A/USB-B cable from PLC to PC.

Windows should install driver.

10. Check in Device Manager what COM port number Windows assigned to PLC.

*Port number should be between 1 and 16.

11. Use this COM port number for PC-PLC communication.

12. Communication settings should be as follows:




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I have the same V570 PLC that vienhluu has with the USB Type B, when I connect to my laptop via USB-A, there is no COM-port with the same name listed above. The only COM that appears is USB-Serial CH340 (COM3) even with hidden devices enabled. I do not have the cable that came originally with the PLC, so I cannot test that either. Any idea what could solve the issue or if I could make a RJ11 to USB-A adapter as I can't afford to wait a long delivery time for a new cable?

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I think that before doing anything else, you need to use Info mode to find what O/S is in the PLC.  This will then tell you what version of Visilogic you should be using at present for best compatibility.   https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/5839-new-visilogic-version-to-what-os-list/     Once you have got all the info you want from the plc you could then update to latest.

Please also read this to ensure that all is well with your actual installation of Visi:      https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/7917-visilogic-doesnt-work-properly-after-installation-what-install-as-administrator-really-means/

cheers, Aus


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